Cabo Sports Fishing Industry Under Pressure

 Cabo Sports Fishing Industry Under Pressure

Commercial fishing groups in Mexico are making a push to get the green light for catching Dorado (Mahi-Mahi), Marlin, and other billfish for commercial purposes. But, hold up a minute! Remember, it was the thrill of sports fishing that reeled in heaps of tourists – we’re talking a whopping 400,000 visitors annually – all eager to snag some oceanic trophies. And hey, this ain’t just fun and games, folks. This bustling industry is raking in a cool $100 million USD per year.

However, not everyone’s on board with this fishy plan. The sports fishing crews from Southern Baja and Sinaloa are standing firm against it. They know the score – these finned wonders are a major draw, boosting local economies and making Mexico a hotspot for adventure anglers. So, while the commercial fishing gang is rallying for a change, the sports fishing champs are waving their rods to ensure that the vibrant underwater world continues to lure in the sea-loving travelers.

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