City Removes Water Slides From Beach

 City Removes Water Slides From Beach

Photo courtesy of Adriana Márquez

The picturesque and serene “El Coromuel” beach, once adorned with delightful slides that added to its charm, now laments their absence as city workers recently had to remove them. The sad fate of these beloved slides is attributed to the unfortunate lack of maintenance they received over the years. Originally installed during the early 2000s under the visionary leadership of former governor Narciso Agundez, these playful structures brought joy to countless beachgoers, creating fond memories for families and visitors alike.

However, the subsequent administrations failed to prioritize the upkeep of these cherished slides, leading to their gradual deterioration. The sighs of disappointment resonate across the shoreline, as locals and tourists reminisce about the carefree days spent sliding down the picturesque dunes into the azure waters.

As El Coromuel beach embarks on a new chapter without its iconic slides, there remains hope that the authorities will learn from this lesson and prioritize the preservation of such treasured landmarks in the future. Perhaps, one day, new slides will grace the beach, and the laughter of children and the young at heart will once again fill the air, creating timeless memories on the sandy shores of “El Coromuel.”

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