Mexico’s Wine Beats Up Everyone

 Mexico’s Wine Beats Up Everyone

In a remarkable triumph, Mexico’s Cenzontle Blanco 2019 wine has emerged as the top contender, surpassing all others at the prestigious Concours Mondiale de Bruxelles (CMB) held in Poreč, Croatia. This white wine was bestowed with the esteemed title of “international revelation,” earning the highest score among its competitors. Crafted by enologist Jesus Rivera from Finca El Empecinado, located in the Guadalupe Valley of Northern Baja, this exceptional creation showcases the incredible winemaking potential of Mexico.

The Cenzontle Blanco 2019 is a testament to Rivera’s unwavering determination, as the name “El Empecinado” meaning “stubborn” implies. The wine is skillfully crafted using grapes sourced from Baja California and aged in French oak barrels, resulting in a truly exquisite product. With an online price of merely 600 pesos (approximately $34 USD), this award-winning wine presents an exceptional opportunity for wine enthusiasts to experience its magnificence firsthand. Given its recent accolades, it is anticipated that the value of this wine will soar in the near future. Hence, securing a bottle at the current price is highly recommended for connoisseurs seeking an exceptional and potentially lucrative addition to their collection.

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