Drone Attack! Drone Attack!

 Drone Attack! Drone Attack!

Some residents of the Los Barriles community in the East Cape are furious because there’s unseen people flying drones over their homes. Some complain that it’s “an invasion of privacy and makes our dog crazy too, while others say “Time for a slingshot and some potato chunks,” “train some birds, or bird-goat teams. Like frigate birds to knock them down and goats to eat the evidence. ‘Cause they’ll eat anything.” Others are suggesting the use of pellet guns. Flying drones in Mexico states that flying over a person without his/her consent is a no no, unless you keep a distance of 32 feet from them. Most drone flying here are to film properties for sale or rent. What do you think?


  • It’s the same as being photographed in public you do not have a right to privacy. I don’t agree with it but they have every right to hover over homes and film

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