Part Time Cabo Resident and Photographer Dies

 Part Time Cabo Resident and Photographer Dies

Tomas Spangler, whose photographs adorned the walls of Ford Motor Company and were published in several publications including Popular Science, Solar Age, Baja Life and National Geographic, passed away Monday, April 18. He was hit by a car on the transpeninsular across the road from Costco, as he was walking back to his shared condo in Sunrock, near Misiones del Cabo.

He was a professional photographer that spent over 30 years of his life between Cabo San Lucas and California, but who also traveled extensively around Mexico and 25 other countries. His first camera was a high school graduation gift which opened the door to his life’s passion, even trekking the Himalayas and the Andes just to get a good shot.

He studied photography at Kansas State College and Orange Coast College in Newport Beach, California, and soon took off to photograph the world.

You can look at Tomas work and even buy some of his photos at


  • RE Tomas Spangler death Who can I contact to take his possions
    Family member

    • Hi
      I am looking for friends & family of Tomas in Santa Cruz / SF Bay Area in California or elsewhere.

      As an artist friend & neighbor tenant of his under threat storage locker in Santa Cruz, am seeking to connect w others HERE who desire to preserve (& possible exhibit here) some of his works.


      • What does “under threat” storage mean
        I have posted his tragedy on Facebook. There are many who know him in Santa Cruz as well as Cabo.

      • Look on Facebook there are several people posting now from Santa Cruz

    • Hi all,

      I lived next to Tomas for the past 10 years and we remained friends after he sold the place next door.

      I helped him move items to the Watsonville storage location and when he had financial difficulties I paid his monthly bill. I plan on heading back there next week to see what can be done to get his valuables out of storage there. I will update you all after my visit.

      I do have some photos of the contents of that storage area too

      If any one has questions please let me know.

      • Hi Ron, I am also interested in knowing the status of his great work. Although I am on the East Coast and can be little help in either Cabo or California, I would appreciate being kept up-to-date. If the family has decided to do a showing, or somehow continue to sell his merchandise, I would greatly appreciate knowing about it, My name is Sandy Pushnik, Hershey, Pennsylvania, and my email is

  • I am a long time friend/photographer in Santa Cruz and lived on the same property with Tomas for years. I am happy to help him or the preservation of his work. Here’s my email
    Please reach out to me here if I can be of service to Tomas or his family. Thank you 🙏

  • I am so devastated to hear this news. Two weeks ago I sent him a note telling him that I will be in contact to buy another print, of course not knowing he had passed. It was unusual I did not hear back from him so I went to order the print today and came across the news!! This is simply unbelievable to me and may God bless his entire family!

    Sandy Pushnik, Hershey, PA

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