Local Tourism Developer Becomes a Shark

 Local Tourism Developer Becomes a Shark

Ernesto Coppel, developer of the Pueblo Bonito resorts in Los Cabos and Mazatlan, has been hired to be part of the Shark Tank Mexico 2022 group. He will be accompanied by CEOs of StartUp Mexico, NICE jewelry, Ambrosia Food and Beverage, Omnilife and Grupo Presidente hotels. 


  • Ernesto has done much to enlarge his pockets but little to help the struggling poor Cabo people. Really? Cabo does not need another hotel or golf course. What they need is new schools, trained teachers and facilities they can advance these communities. Twenty five years ago, my wife, myself and friends took ATVs up into the sands near the old lighthouse. Ernesto bought it…it’s gone. My wife and I I started pro bono the children”s heart program and the human society. They needed it…we gave them our time and effort. Ernesto, we don’t need another golf course or expensive housing community. Cabo needs water, health care and education and with all your money and age, I hope that will bring a new commitment. RCMcFaul, MD. Casa Corazon.

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