Let’s Donate Christmas Toys This Week!

 Let’s Donate Christmas Toys This Week!


The Hablemos Mexicano (Let’s Speak Mexican) group in Todos Santos is holding a Christmas gift program. The collected gifts are for children of the migrant workers who live in the camp on the way to La Paz. There are approximately 700 children between the age of 2-8 that are living there now. These are very poor families from the mainland and the group is hoping to donate around 1,000 gifts. The guidelines are pretty simple, bring a wrapped (or unwrapped and they will wrap) toy or clothing with a tag that states the sex and age of the intended recipient. No battery operated toys or electronics as these families cannot afford to replace batteries. There are already some paper handle bags with a gift or two inside wrapped in tissue paper as with a tag on the outside something like “Nina 2 años,” as well as beautifully wrapped presents. There is a little school at the camp, so crayons, coloring books, colored paper etc., are also good gift ideas. If you find in your heart to donate, drop by Hablando Mexicano, Ignacio Zaragoza 19, Downtown Todos Santos. Merry Christmas!

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