FAQ | Gringo Gazette

Better read these, cause we get pretty cranky about all the phone calls that could have been avoided if you only had checked out these step-by-steps.

Can I access the Gringogazette on my tablet or phone?

Yes you can. Since our site is designed to be responsive you should have no problem visiting the site from any internet connected device.

How can I save my copys of the Gringogazette?

To save your copies of the Gringo Gazette for future reference, it is recommended that you read the "printable PDF version." This version is a PDF and when it is fully open in your computer and finished loading, you can simply click on the icon in the upper left that looks like a Floppy Disk, to save the file to your computer. Once the file is saved on your computer you can then read it anytime you like.

What happens if I can't login?

You should have received an email with your account details. Our system is case sensitive. It's also possible that you might have missed the signup page. It is located here: http://www.gringogazette.com/user/register . Fill in the appropriate information and you will have no trouble logging in.

I still can't login? What can I do now?

This next tip will cure most login problems. Upgrade your web browser to the newest version. It should work after that, just try logging in again with your login and password ( remember they are case sensitive ). If you still can't login, please send an email to: subscribe@gringogazette.com . We will reply to you pronto.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Unfortunately, you can't cancel your subscription. You will just have to let it expire.

I have my head up my ass and have lost my password, what should I do?

We can send it to you again, but it must go to the email address that we have on file for you. Click here to access the "forgotten password" page.

Is your credit card processing secure?

Trust us. We only look flaky. We've been doing this for 21 carefree years now, and haven't robbed anybody yet, nor has anybody hacked in to us.

I subscribe to the paper edition can I get the online one too?

Sure you can read the paper online as well. The online paper is free for both North and South editions.

One More Question?

If you have a question that is not addressed here, think long and hard, if it’s a really necessary question, email us at: subscribe [at] gringogazette [dot] com