Food Fest to Benefit 5 Organizations

Foodies, mark your calendars! The 11th annual Pazión Por La Paz Food Fest is gearing up to tantalize your taste buds on May 5th, and it’s all happening at the picturesque Paraiso del Mar residential complex in El Mogote, La Paz. That’s right, the stunning sandy stretch you’ve admired from the La Paz Malecón, dotted […]

It’s Sashimi Time Next Week!

Ready for your taste buds to embark on an unforgettable journey? It’s that time of the year when our beloved town becomes a sashimi paradise, and this year, we’re going all out. Picture this: around 1,000 different sashimi varieties waiting to be devoured, each paired perfectly with tequila, mezcal, artisanal beer, or wine. Yes, it’s […]

It’s Chili Cook-Off Time!

BY FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ Cocina and Bar by Cabo Bakery is holding its 6th Annual Chili Cook-Off on Sunday, February 18, between 4-8 PM. The cost for the event will be $60 USD ($1,300 MXN pesos) and tickets can be purchased online via PayPal at  Each ticket includes sampling 12-15 outstanding and tasty chili’s, whereupon every […]

Chili Cook-Off With a Cause in San Jose

Mark your calendars for a spicy showdown at Shooters Sports Bar in San Jose on Saturday, February 24. Get ready for the ultimate Chili Cook-Off competition that’s all about flavor, fun, and philanthropy. Whether you’re proud of your chili-making skills or you simply love tasting and judging chili, this event is for you. With an […]

Will Cabo Get Michelin Stars?

Heads up, foodies of Southern Baja! Something exciting happened during last month’s International Tourism Fair that’s got everyone buzzing. The big news? Michelin, yes, the prestigious culinary guide, announced they’d be sending undercover food experts to our region to check out what our restaurants have to offer. Talk about a secret mission! And guess what? […]

Baja Chocolate

BY NAAILAH AULADIN This past Christmas I spent my day making artisanal chocolate and it was so satisfying to my soul. I helped the chocolatier Scott make rocky road bars, learned to temper chocolate, dipped scrumptious toffee and marshmallow base with delicious finger-licking liquid gold and made caramel brittle bars covered in white chocolate. As […]

Two Fish Species Kicked Off of Restaurants Menus

Big news for eco-conscious diners and fishing enthusiasts in Los Cabos! In a commendable move, members of the Los Cabos restaurant association (Canirac) have collectively decided to take a stand for sustainability. They’ve agreed to remove Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) and Marlin dishes from their menus. This decision reflects a growing awareness and respect for the local […]

Gastronomy Festival of the Year Ends With a Sour Note,

BY LISSETTE VALENTIN The most famous gastronomic event of the year, Sabor a Cabo (Taste of Cabo), and its motto El Sabor del Reencuentro (the Flavor of Reunion) took place at the Club Campestre San Jose (San José del Cabo Country Club) on December 2, where more than 20 wineries and 30 local restaurateurs delighted […]

Over a Third or the 50 Best Restaurants in Mexico

Here’s some exciting news for all the foodies out there! According to diners using the Open Table app, a whopping 18 out of the 50 best restaurants – that’s 36 percent, in case you’re counting – are tucked away in the stunning locales of Los Cabos and La Paz. That’s right, nearly two-fifths of the […]

Todos Santos Food and Wine Festival Tickets Available

Get ready, food and wine lovers! The 11th Gastrovino Festival in Todos Santos is just around the corner, happening from December 8 to 10. This year, they’re mixing things up with three deliciously unique options, and trust me, you won’t want to miss a single one. First up, there’s the restaurant tour on the north […]