What's Going On In This Country?

December 10, 2018 Edition

Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras have signed into a Central American development plan in Mexico City that’s aimed at keeping the migrants happy in their own country. It was all done while the presidents of the countries are here to watch the new Mexican president sworn in.

Then they’re going to take the document to the United Nations, hoping to get some dinero to buy these people happiness in their own place. Good thing President Trump didn’t show up for President AMLO’s big party, or we would be expected to kick in.

Whoops, we are.

Estimates to determine how much funding would be needed to develop Central America are about US $20 billion and Mexican officials already asked for a meeting with United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, “to discuss the border and migration”. Word is the Central American developers went to the meeting carrying empty sacks they hoped would be filled.

The Mexican president-elect proposed that Mexico, the United States and each Central American nation contribute resources according to the size of its economy and that 75% of the funds be allocated to finance projects that create jobs and combat poverty, while the other 25% would go to border control and security. What? What about the local elected officials in those countries who will be given the bags of money? What percentage will they get? Yes, we all have a pretty good idea.

Good for Loreto A Tijuana-Loreto air route will finally get opened by theVolaris. It is supposed to be started March 5 of next year. It will let people in the US use the bridge called the Cross Border Xpress(CBX) from San Diego to Tijuana and board the Airbus 320 bound for Loreto.

The flights will start on Tuesdays and Saturdays with departures from Tijuana to Loreto at 9:15.

 The Ministry of Tourism in Baja California Sur, Humberto Araiza, said this route will be a watershed for the development of Loreto, and representatives of Villa Group Loreto said they are already working on a marketing plan targeting San Diego people. Villa del Palmar is the only resort of much size in Loreto, which has been the problem in getting flights: Usually resorts or the hotel ass. needs to step up and guarantee the airlines the route will be profitable.

Less plastic for sea critters. In collaboration with the environmental organization Parley for the Oceans, Corona brewer Grupo Modelo will replace the plastic six pack rings that bind their cans together with a product made from vegetable waste left by food and beverage processing.

"The pilot program shows Grupo Modelo’s commitment to the environment, with sustainability and with responsible consumption,” said the company in a statement, and to be read with much chest thumping.

The beer brewer intends to eliminate the use of plastic in 7 years. 7 years! What’s wrong with tomorrow? You stop buying plastic and you start buying this, well, whatever it is instead.

We struck oil. Well, a long time ago. This is newly struck oil. Pemex has nearly tripled its estimate of the reserves in a recently discovered onshore oil field in the state of Veracruz, making it the biggest discovery in 25 years. The Ixachi field, located 40 miles south of the city of Veracruz. On land, fairly easy to get.

Listen up Gringas. The Supreme Court will examine a proposal next week that would make it mandatory to pay social security benefits to your domestic worker. Housekeeper, gardener, folks like that.

It’s been recommended that the second chamber of the court rule against an article in the federal Social Security Law that states that paying benefits to housekeepers is voluntary. The law as it stands has resulted in most domestic workers not receiving benefits that other employees are legally entitled to. The proposal argues that there is no constitutional justification to exclude the mostly female workers, from the social security system and that it is sexist.

Translation: You will need to figure out the social security system in Spanish, calculating what you should pay that once a week lady. The average foreigner will need to hire an accountant. Sigh. If this law passes, and you don’t comply, your housekeeper is going to sue you right out of your flip flops, doesn’t matter how nicely you get along now. She will use the law against you.

Jobs for migrants. The National Employment Service (SNE), working in conjunction with local Tijuana companies, has set up a job fair near the Tijuana sports complex where thousands of Central American migrants, are being temporarily housed.

In addition to company representatives, who have set up stalls to interview migrants who are interested in the positions on offer, immigration authorities including the Mexican Refugee Commission are attending the fair to help migrants regularize their immigration status and ensure they can access social security benefits.

Between 7,000 and 10,000 jobs” are on offer at the migrant job fair including positions in factories and other sectors such as hospitality. Tijuana is almost always suffering from too many job vacancies, but the economy is so hot there now that the job opportunities are huge. But so far only a few hundred have taken jobs, most preferring to lay on the floor of the sports complex and wait for the chow line to open and eventually gain entry to the United States.