What’s Happening At Your Favorite Restaurants?

Get in the swing at Baja Cantina

Swing away Baja Cantina has some new additions: Eight swings that face the marina. We’re very excited about this development because, really, the only thing more fun than having a cocktail is having a cocktail while you’re swinging. Might as well get that head swirling. And if you have the kiddos along, it’s fun for them to swing while they eat their dinner. What the hell, you don’t have to clean up the mess.

We wish more places in Cabo had swings. Cachet Beach Club, which is on Medano in front of Cabo Villas, has some, and so does Scabo, a newer place that’s popped up across from Cabo Wabo. There might be a couple other places with swings that we haven’t swung in yet, but considering how many bars we have in Cabo, we think the swing to bar stool ratio could be much higher. Maybe they think we drink too much and fear the worst? Baja Cantina used to be the in spot for the Cabo Gringo crowd. Then the wait staff went on a rampage and chased them all away. The joke was on them, though, because business dropped off so much that most of them left on their own, which means they didn’t get their severance. Service is now back to as good as you’re going to get in Cabo, which is pretty so-so.

Speaking of service…Why is the service in Cabo barely adequate? Because there is little training, and even less supervision. Also, they are forced to pool their tips with everyone who works there, including the dishwasher and the floor mopper. In a big restaurant, their tip is spread as much as 50 ways. If you’re going to get 1/50 of a $5 tip, are you going to hustle for it? Also, there is no transparency in this process, so the wait staff doesn’t know if they have been treated fairly by the house, which is dividing up the tips, and they usually suspect the worst.

 In many hotels, the tips earned by the workers are spread three ways: the hotel takes a third, the union takes a third, and the entire staff splits the final third.

The only thing that’s going to change this system and insure Jose hustles your tacos to the table before they go cold, is wage pressure. We might get that as these big resorts on the fourlane open in the coming months. They will be competing for the same number of wait staff as we’ve always had.  Maybe that will cause them to treat their staff better. Maybe.

La Casita Originally one of the best restaurants in Todos Santos, La Casita opened a second one in Los Barriles, on the East Cape, and a third in Cabo San Lucas very recently. Although the partners eventually split, the kitchen staff has remained the same, as does the food.

The menu varies, to please everyone’s tastes, from mango pineapple ceviche to Sushi, sashimis, great salads, and this food snob favs: Seabass au tequila, scallops covered in orange liqueur sauce, Brazilian beef – a 16 oz. Rib eye marinated in fine herbs and coffee with a Jack Daniels’ based sauce - and more. Good selection of beers, wines and full bar.

Located on 5 de Mayo street between Hidalgo and Guerrero. A tad hard to find, but here’s some pointers: take Hidalgo street up from Cabo’s main drag. One block past the Amelia Wilkes park you will see an OXXO store – turn right, and La Casita is on your right. Or, drive down Matamoros street (the one that ends at the Palmas de Cortes hotel), and just one block before, turn right. There you are. Small parking lot on the side, but there’s usually room to park in the street. Try it. Open for lunch and dinner. Facebook: La Casita restaurant & sushi bar Cabo San Lucas. Phone: 624 105 1210.