We Finally Have A Compounding Pharmacy

Different from what we’re used to, but it will work

We no longer have to buy pre packaged drugs over the counter. We can now get custom drugs compounded just for us, which means we can be sure we get the right dosage, after blood tests  tell us how precisely how much we need.

Production of drug products is generally considered manufacturing because they spew out pills by the gazillions. But compounding is typically defined as assembling drugs in small batches or single individual patient production only.

Your doctor has wide discretion to prescribe customized drug products containing unique drug-dosage combinations and/or formulations specifically for individual patients but until now there was nobody trained to cook up those custom drugs. 

Drugs are commonly custom compounded for medically necessary reasons, such as to change the form of the medication from a solid pill to a liquid, to avoid a nonessential ingredient that the patient is allergic to, or to obtain the exact dose needed or deemed best by the physician. It may also be done for more optional reasons, such as adding flavors to a medication or otherwise altering taste or texture.

hormones.jpgCommunity pharmacists who have experience with compounding techniques are now less common. These days pharmacists in the United States are little more than high priced pill counters who’s primary job is to pour pills out of a big jar and put a few weeks’ supply into a little jar. So what’s with their white coat? Rite Aide and CVS and the like think you’ll feel better about seeing a white coat guy counting your pills.

Here in Mexico the farmacias don’t even pretend to be staffed with professionals. $700 a month clerks push boxes and bottles and cards of drugs across the counter and good luck if you want a consultation because a pharmacist is not even required to be on the premises.

One big difference in Mexican compounding farmacias is you can’t expect to walk in and get a prescription filled. This place is wholesale to doctors only.

Since there is no local hospital sophisticated enough to order specially designed drugs for very ill patients, this pharmacy is banking on selling a lot of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), also known as bioidentical hormone therapy or natural hormone therapy. 

This is a poorly defined term referring to the use of hormones that are identical, on a molecular level, with natural hormones. The goal is to infuse a body with a targeted level of hormones, which has been established through blood or saliva testing. In other words, for a man or a woman of a, ahem, a certain age.

It used to be menopausal women who would run to the compounding pharmacy expecting a cream or a pill that would make them feel young and natural again, but now there’s a big advertising push for men to get their testosterone levels up to what often got them in trouble at a younger age.

So that’s what this compounding pharmacy that just opened in San Jose is all about. 

To introduce their services, Juventas Rx is throwing a seminar explaining bioidentical hormone replacement therapy on June 25 and June 26. The first day is for doctors only, the second day is for the public, as in anyone who thinks they might need a shot of hormones can learn what the program can do for you.

The public presentation is on June 26 at 2 pm at Casa Dorada on Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas. You will need to RSVP at eventsmanager@icloud.com or call 624 210 7967. ,