Urban Living Open House

See what it’s like to own a condo on top of the mall

This Wednesday, March 21, the condos just built on the roof of the Puerto Parisio mall will be open to the public. The very private off-limits area of the mall will be open one night only.

So far there are 58 completed units, all built on a mezzanine with a look-down view of the shops that are on the upper floor of the mall. Also in the view is a public area, very much like a town square you would see in a village. And of course, some of the units have a spectacular view of the marina and the malecon surrounding it. The view is a never ending kaleidoscope of people seeking water adventures, shops, and restaurants. The environment is vibrant, and although it’s not noisy, this is not an environment for people who aren’t seeking the excitement of Cabo. One floor below is the multi screen movie complex, the food court and the mall shops. Three floors down is the marina front with its 500 or so restaurants and even more shops. You can reach downtown on foot in five minutes, and you never need to drive a car.

To gain access to these condos, owners can board a private elevator from the malecon or, if they’re parking their car, they enter from their private floor of parking. At the entrance are a guard and a concierge who can provide a wide assortment of errands for you. There is also a private bar in the tower of the mall, which everyone can see from the malecon. It’s about five stories above the marina.

Next will come a private owners’ club, a gym, and a private swimming pool, but those will be in phase II, which will be in the back row, on top of the garage. That phase will include several multistory towers, a wide expanse of common areas with foliage and fountains, and several swimming pools. Owners will of course, enjoy the private level in the garage, with assigned parking and a storage locker.

The first phase units range from one bedroom to three bedrooms, and there are only 12 left. They start at a little under $300,000 USD, and there is developer financing of 7% with a third down. The developer is the same Mexico City developer who built the mall nearly 20 years ago.

Each of these units have a front terrace, a back terrace, and a spiral staircase leading to an upper deck that doubles the size of the unit. Each deck also has a Jacuzzi and various outdoor patio features.

The units are all similar, and very modern. They come furnished right down to the hair dryer and toaster and everything in between. The developer believes most owners will rent them when they are not in residence, and they are putting in place a rental program that plans to charge 30% for their fees. Those fees include everything your guest will need: meet & greet, concierge services, housekeeping and maintenance. Suggested rents start at around $400 for the one bedroom which sleeps four adults.

The party on Wednesday March 27, from 4 pm until 7 pm. Adult beverages will be flowing, there will be good eats, live music, and this might be your only chance to  view these very private residences.

Call 624-144-3231 for more information or just slide by the fancy round sales office in front of the mall on the malecon, in the corner, in front of the escalator. Near the Ruth Christ.