Ultimate Waterman’s Challenge Debuting In Cabo

Event will feature surfing, SUP and spearfishing competitions

Los Cabos has its fair share of surfing and watersports competitions. But the newest one, debuting this weekend, isn’t just a sporting event, it’s a lifestyle event too. (Or so claim its organizers).

The Ultimate Waterman’s Challenge starts this Friday, August 24, and runs through Sunday. Sponsored by former pro surfer Tim Curran and his new adventure travel company Mansa Vida, the UWC will feature sporting exhibitions in several different watersports categories: surfing, stand up paddle boarding, and spearfishing.

Other highlights of the event will include a surf competition that pits Mexico against the U.S., a junior surfing competition, and aerial surf shows. If you’re wondering what aerial surfing is (we had to look it up), it’s when surfers do a bunch of fancy tricks and flips with their boards. They jump into the air, get it?

2226surf.JPGEvent organizers are heavily promoting its “celebrity” participants (they’re only celebrities if you’re big into surfing; otherwise you probably haven’t heard of them). For those in the know, those celebrities include Rob Machado, world surf champion Damien Hobgood, Mexican pro surfer Diego Cadena, world champion standup paddleboard racer and spearfishing master Fernando Stalla, spearfishing and freediver pro Sarah Ruth, and surf rider for Quiksilver and Baja local Emiliano Cabello.

That covers the sporting portion of the event, and now here comes the lifestyle part. UWC organizers are billing it as a “first-of-its-kind sporting, music, and eco festival.” The music part consists of two performances, one acoustical and one DJ set, that will take place at the rooftop bar at The Cape hotel in La Playita.

The eco festival component can be seen throughout the UWC. One of the festival’s main objectives is to show how large-scale events can be 100% sustainable. All trash accumulated during the festival will be recycled or composted. The majority of marketing materials created for UWC were digital, and the printed marketing materials were made out of recycled paper. They’re also organizing a beach clean up event, although no details are available on that yet.

But perhaps the coolest green effort happening at the UWC is the Pedal Power initiative, which consists of bikes that generate energy. Event goers can hop on a bike and start pedaling, generating electricity that will help run the event. Sounds pretty cool to us. Get some exercise, reduce our carbon footprint; it’s a win-win, although a small generator of electricity. We tried it once and struggled to power a blender enough to build one margarita. But, hey, maybe that’s more of a reflection on our fitness level. Could be one of these watermen could power our whole city.

In addition to taking care of the environment, the UWC will also be doing its part to help others. A portion of the proceeds from event sponsors will go to support the local Cabo DIF, which is a government program that helps needy women and children.

There’s no cost to watch any of the sporting events, which will take place on Monuments Beach in front of The Cape hotel. The rooftop musical performances at The Cape have a $10 USD “donation” fee. For full event information, visit the UWC website at www.uwchallenge.com or find them on Facebook at facebook.com/UWChallenge.   

The Cape hotel is in La Playita, across the long bridge from San Jose.