Todos Santos Brewing Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

A weekend of trivia, music, and lots of beer

The weekend of June 8th marked the one-year anniversary of Todos Santos Brewing, a small craft beer brewery in Todos Santos that opened last summer (if you didn’t figure that out based on the headline). Todos Santos Brewing is owned and operated by Australian couple Liz and Ted Mitchell, who decided to start the business after they noticed the absence of craft beer in the area. Now, one year after opening, the couple has been more successful than they could have imagined, and currently brew more beers than they originally intended. They’ve also introduced a food menu since their opening last year.

To mark the milestone, Todos Santos Brewery celebrated in true Australian fashion with a weekend-long party and the unveiling of a new flavor, the befitting Celebration Ale, a habanero and cacao flavored brew. They also hosted a beer-themed trivia game, music, tastings, and a special food menu.

The couple both worked in the beer industry and Australia, and Ted has been brewing his own beer for several years before they opened the brewery in Todos Santos. He crafts all of the recipes himself, and tries to tailor the beers to the vibe and the weather of the area. Most of the beers are lighter and will be refreshing in the Baja heat. As a very occasional beer drinker, I think Ted has done an excellent job of creating flavors that aren’t too overpowering. The Mitchells believe there is a beer for everyone and take pride in the variety they have to offer at their brewery.

For anyone who doesn’t share the Mitchells’ passion for beer, they’ve created a menu of craft sodas and cocktails, all made fresh and in house. A couple of the sodas include the refreshing non-alcoholic ginger beer and the sweet-tart jamaica fizz. They’ve also got a killer nitro espresso. They use their sodas in their cocktails, like Mexican Mule, which is their twist on the Moscow Mule (it’s ginger beer and tequila down here).

Prices at the brewery are reasonable, with a pint running $4.50 USD (remember, this is homemade craft beer, so it will cost more than a regular, mass-produced beer). You can also get a 10-ounce middy glass for $3.50. And if you’re new to craft beer and not sure what kind of flavors you like, try the sampler which six 3.3 ounce tastings of the beers of your choice, which goes for $5.50. The artisanal sodas go for $3.00 for a pint, and the cocktails are $7.00.

Todos Santos Brewing has tried to meld into the community in Todos Santos. They only hire Mexican nationals, they source many of their ingredients locally (including their hops), and they send their finished ingredients off as compost to local farms.

Unlike many businesses in the area, they don’t limit their hours for the summer. Although, this might have something to do with the fact that they’re only open four days a week anyway. Their regular hours are Thursday-Sunday from 1-9pm. They host trivia every Friday night and local musicians on Saturdays. They also offer tours, tastings, and crash courses in craft beer. And if you stick around long enough, you’ll get to make friends with their dog, Hopsy, who’s usually happily waltzing around the brewery.

The Mitchells have been pretty successful since their opening one year ago. They’ve crafted more beers than they had originally planned, introduced an impressive gastropub kitchen menu, and won several awards for their flavors. They hope to grow and get to a point where they can stay open six days a week (they are only open four days a week currently as they need the other three days to brew).

For more information about Todos Santos Brewing, visit their website at, or find them on Facebook or Instagram at @todossantosbrewing.