Rolling Bear Tiny Homes is Coming to Mexico



Rolling Bear Tiny Homes is based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. They are known for luxury living with nature, and soon, they will start a relatively new building concept for Mexico in June 2020.

The homes will be constructed in Todos Santos, which is a small town on the Pacific coast of the Baja California South. The average year-round temperature is 75 degrees and the taxes are low. There is good infrastructure with an abundance of water.

Phase One of Rolling Bear Tiny Homes will be constructed followed by phases two and three. 

Todos Santos is a quaint oasis nestled halfway between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas. Five scenic miles south is the small town of Pescadero, known as the breadbasket of the southern peninsula. Fresh fruits and vegetables, many of them organically grown, are readily available year-round.

Todos Santos is also known for its many artists. The town has many art galleries and a museum. There are cobblestone streets sprinkled with tiny artisan shops. Neon signs are not permitted, and buildings cannot be higher than two stories to conform to rigorous architectural guidelines.

The tiny homes will be built on one-quarter-acre lots, all with ocean views. They will be panel built and hurricane-resistant to 225 miles per hour. They will be 660 square feet with two bedrooms plus 300 square feet of outdoor living space on the second floor. They will also have nine-foot ceilings and double pane windows. All homes will be completely finished inside and out hacienda style with extensive wood. Future amenities on-site will include a clubhouse with a pool, shops, and a farm to table restaurant.

The homes will range in price, starting at $123,000 USD for Phase One, but increase as additional phases are developed. For further information please contact their website at or