Ride the Public Bus Around Los Cabos

Great sightseeing trips, and very cheap



Public transportation, San Jose’s little know secret, can get you safely up and back through town for less than a dollar.

If you are an explorer at heart, you may have traveled some of your journeys on foot. Slowing down to a natural pace where each tree that is passed can be sensed, and strolls take on the magic of their own. However, in the heat of the day that romance can quickly evaporate under the scorching sun.

For those who have two wheels, there is a bike path that begins at Las Mañanitas (next to the highway), travels along the hotel corridor or Paseo Malecon San Jose, all the way through the Estuary and ends at the entrance of San Jose town across from Telmex. Skateboarding is allowed on the path.

If you are interested in public transportation, San José del Cabo has two public transport systems. The Colectivos and the Urbanos, both look like school buses, the classic yellow and white and orange. The convenient colectivos are safe and clean, and mostly empty except during rush hours when workers and students return home. If you stand on the curb and flag them down, they will pick you up and drop you off anywhere you want for a dollar or 13.50 pesos.

There are seven bus lines that run right by the hotel corridor every five minutes. Regardless of the line number, all buses travel along the bike path until it ends in the town of San Jose across from Telmex. From there, they continue on to different directions through town, towards the highway and even en route to the Marina in La Playita.

If you have a rental car and would like to avoid the limited parking situation, you can ride the bus all the way to San Jose del Cabo and explore the Historic Center, the plaza, the cathedral, the shops and local restaurants by foot.

The service starts at 5:30 a.m. through town and at around 6:30 a.m. they start along the hotel corridor until 7:30 p.m.

If you need to travel from San Jose to Cabo San Lucas or viceversa, and anywhere along the Transpeninsular Highway, there is an intercity bus service composed of two lines.

The Suburcabos or Ruta Del Desierto, which are purple and orange buses and Cabo Baja which are blue. Both lines have air conditioning and free Wifi. They run from 5 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. with an average waiting time of 20 minutes.

To ride from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas, the price is $37 pesos (or two dollars). The bus will drop you off across from the shopping center Puerto Paraíso. They have multiple stops all along the highway, there is one at La Comer (formerly known as Mega), one across from Walmart, and they can mostly stop wherever you need to go, just let the driver know.

If you are already in San Jose and want to travel from Costa Azul all the way through town, the Suburcabos will charge you only one dollar or the same price as the Colectivos and the Urbanos that do not travel along the highway. Unfortunately, they don’t allow surfboards on the bus.

The International Airport in San Jose del Cabo is 14 km from San Jose and 50 km from Cabo San Lucas. Riding the bus is a very inexpensive way to travel to the airport since a taxi from San Jose’s hotel corridor can cost up to 25 dollars. The Suburcabos only costs $37 pesos and takes you all the way from Cabo San Lucas, however, there is an extra $30 pesos charge if you take the bus or get dropped off at the airport terminal.

If you ride the bus from Cabo San Lucas towards San Jose it costs $37 pesos, except if you unload in the intermediate beaches like Chileno, Santa María and Cerro Colorado across El Merkado. Then the trip will only cost $28 pesos, please let the bus driver know when you plan to exit beforehand.

Lastly, San Jose’s bus station that provides service to Todos Santos, La Paz and los Barriles is located across from Walmart. Enjoy the ride!