Que Pasa In Cabo?

October 30, 2017 Edition

New fundraiser coming The first annual Decompression Fundraiser is scheduled for Sunday, November 19 from 3:00 to 7:00 pm.

As Rick Antillon, the event organizer, puts it (and I agree), “Every November, we locals seem to take a huge sigh of relief, decompressing as we collectively get through another hurricane season successfully, and stronger than the year before.”

Rick is the leader of the Heart for Cabo organization, which has devoted the last three years (since Hurricane Odile) to building starter homes for those who lost everything. His group, with the help of the victims, their families and donations from Mexicans and Gringos, build bathrooms, small homes, kitchens, and whatever else is needed.

Heart for Cabo also gets donations of food, medical supplies, construction materials and clothing. Proceeds from the new event will be donated to the needy. Event costs are being covered by its principal sponsor, Eric White of the Pueblo Bonito group.

The event is a four  hour boat party with unlimited food and drinks, stand-up paddling, floating islands and music by Matthew 1626, Rik Sotero and Less Santana. Tickets are going for a suggested minimum donation of $75 USD. Tickets are limited, so get ‘em early. Yeah, I could drink and eat that much.

Tickets are available at Mail Boxes in Cabo, behind Hospiten (formerly Amerimed). For San Jose residents, contact Rick Antillon via his Facebook page, www.facebook.com/rickantillon.

Mexico sinks American battleship! Mexico is scheduled to sink the ship formerly known as the USS Hurst, a U.S. Navy destroyer escort built during World War II. It was donated by the U.S. government to Mexico in 1973.

Ironically, Mexico renamed her “Commodore Manuel Azueta,” in honor of a Mexican sailor who fought against the U.S. during the American invasion of the port of Veracruz, in the Gulf of Mexico, in 1914. Yes, Azueta died in the battle.

The ship served Mexico for 42 years and is being sunk to create a new reef near the port of Veracruz.

Local resort sold The Architectural Digest award-winning Mar Adentro resort in San Jose was sold last week for the sum of $215 million. It was designed by famous Mexican architect Miguel-Angel Aragonés, who also built the infamous “White House” of President Peña Nieto’s wife. (She was heavily criticized for spending so much money on her home).

The buyer was Fernando Chico-Pardo, CEO of the Asur group, which operates nine international airports in Mexico, including those in Cancun and Cozumel. But not ours.

Let’s hope this new guy knows how to run a hotel and restaurants, as the resort is stunning. Stunning! Looks like crap from the outside, but once you’re inside, you will be stunned by the architecture. But the architect had no clue how to run the place once it was built and the food sucked. We will give the new owners a month or so and then take another run at the food and let you know. Because if it’s even just decent, it’s worth the trip, especially to go to the restaurant they call the Bird’s Nest during the day. It’s a pile of twigs woven together that makes a wonderful pattern inside.

Cabo marina gets a facelift API, the holding company that manages the Cabo marina, has begun work on remodeling the two-mile long concrete boardwalk, they’re saying is going to cost half a million bucks. What, they’re going to tear up the marina just as high season is starting? Whose bright idea was that? Don’t all rush to answer that, we don’t expect it. Actually, someone will pipe up, because these people don’t care what the public or the merchants think or need.

The biggest part of the fix up will be the ground surfaces, which will now have a uniform look once finished. The estimated completion date is December 15. Ha ha ha ha ha! We should start a pool on the completion date. I’ll toss five buck on next summer.

Tourism agency awarded Fictura, the Los Cabos tourism fund, received the 2018 Ultimate Partner Award from ID Travel, a tour company, for exceeding expectations and creating innovative promotions for the area. Our tourism agency competed against well-known places like Bali, Virgin Islands, Fiji, Bora Bora, Dubai and the Mauritius Islands.

At the same awards ceremony, ID Travel also recognized the food at Grand Velas Los Cabos with its Ultimate Cuisine award. Ha ha ha. The food is beyond smallish, even for fine dining, way over priced and they started winning these awards before they were even open! We say they should win an award for their fabulous public relations work.

Oh goody, more jobs! According to a recent report, Southern Baja has seen an 8% growth in new employment and is, again, one of the top five Mexican cities beating the unemployment average for the country. The report was released by the IMSS, Mexico’s social security system. Maybe soon, we will start seeing some wage inflation like we did in 2008, when the best employees were able to command more money. That means better service for many places.

Racing troubles The Baja 1000, an off-road race with motorcycles and cars traveling 1,300 miles down from Ensenada in Northern Baja to La Paz, might have some trouble this year. Which is too bad, since it’s the race’s 50th anniversary.

The race will take place November 14 to 18, with teams from 30 different countries participating. But there might be a snag in the race route.

Arturo Saldaña, leader of the farmers from Mulege, which is just north of Loreto, said that eight of the ejidos (commonly owned land), in the area will snap closed the access to their properties. He says the racers racing through destroy their roads, run over their cattle and the land owners get zero compensation for their headaches.

Well, not quite. They’ve been getting compensation for many years, and every year it goes up. The problem is, it’s a community decision how much to charge, and there is always someone in the community who wants only to shake the American money tree.

To date, not all the Ejidos have come up with a price for the racers to go through their land. SCORE, the race organizers, are pretty tired of this, but they are negotiating as best they can.

No Uber in Cabo Three new Uber-like apps - Taxify Californias, taxisloscabos.com and GranTaxi - have arrived in Baja. They are currently operating in La Paz, with intentions to move to Los Cabos.

Not surprisingly, our taxi drivers are like, having a heart attack over this. Several taxi company owners and drivers’ unions met with Los Cabos Mayor Arturo de la Rosa to get his support, which he gave. He used to be a taxi driver himself, and some say he still owns a fleet of them.

Taxi unions are extremely powerful in Los Cabos, as most of them are owned by people who are in politics or have strong ties to local politicians.

In Palapa Society news… If you’re new to Todos Santos or just want to mingle with your fellow residents, the Palapa Society of Todos Santos is hosting a variety of events and activities.

One of their programs is Vino Con Elena, a weekly book club that meets on Wednesdays at Los Adobes restaurant from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. Their current book is Elena Poniatowska's “Massacre in Mexico.” Poniatowska is a French-born Mexican journalist and author, specializing in works on social and political issues. This club is free, although stay cool by buying a meal at Los Adobes.

And the society’s 11th Annual Tianguis (bazaar) will take place on November 25 at Casa Ejidal. Clear out your closets and donate your old but in good condition household items, outdoor gear, tools, electronics, clothing and anything ese you can think of. You can drop off donations at the Todos Santos Gallery, Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12 pm and 2 and 4pm.

For more information, you can email info@palapasociety.org.

Golf course open again! The front nine holes of the Cabo San Lucas Country Club golf course, which made it through Tropical Storm Lidia without a scratch, are now open. Members can play 16 17 or 18 holes of golf.

Two holes on the back nine that were thought to have been lost managed to survived. Hole #10 is 75 percent restored and will be refinished shortly, and hole #11 is 90 percent there and also will be patched up soon.

Stay tuned for more information on the big changes that are coming to the golf course. The country club manager told us they’re currently meeting with golf course designers.