The President Of The Republic Does Cabo

On a ribbon cutting binge

Last week President Enrique Pena Nieto visited Los Cabos on a whirlwind trip to cut the ribbon on some of our new infrastructure.

KoralCenterPrimera.jpgHe made a big media splash at the new toll road that parallels our fourlane, stretching east/west further up the hillside. The road goes from the San Jose airport toll road to the highway to La Paz, joining up with that highway just north of Los Cabos. It’s more of a bypass of Cabo, handy for those flying into the airport, and needing to go to the resorts on the Pacific, or especially Todos Santos. It’s 22 miles long with few exits. You pick up a ticket where you get on and pay when exiting. It costs about the same as the airport toll road.

Security was tight around the President, due in part to the social media stir-up that’s going on. A few vocal critics have been posting some scary, mostly silly stuff. Still, scary silly stuff happens.

The Pena Nieto entourage also had to contend with picketers who were present, demanding the money they were promised to sell their land for the construction of the highway. They are saying they have not received payment from the federal government.

KoralCenter.jpgMoving on, President Pena Nieto swung by the new Koral Center, a collection of shops, restaurants, and small medical clinics surrounding our slick new hospital with the unlikely name H+. That’s pronounced just like it looks: the letter H and the word plus. Or in Spanish, achay ploos. 

The official reason for his interest in what amounts to a private commercial center, is he’s promoting medical tourism, (there is a new Hampton Inn conveniently adjacent to the hospital), as a good source of income for the country. It’s probably only a coinky dink that one of the owners of the hospital is the son of a former president, and of the same party as our current president.

But we like the attention from the big guys in Mexico City, and this hospital, closely affiliated with a very sophisticated hospital chain on the mainland, brings a level of professional medical care we haven’t seen in Cabo.