Nice Trash Cans Don’t Clean Themselves

March 18, 2019 Edition

You know those pretty trash cans in downtown Cabo? Turns out they don’t clean themselves. So one would think the city management would send someone out, right? Ja ja.  How long did you say you’ve been in Mexico, Bunky?

The private downtown Merchants Ass. Pays for it from dues voluntarily paid by most downtown merchants. The non profit called Amigos de Cabo San Lucas work tirelessly to keep our city looking spiffy, holding the city workers accountable. But they pick their battles, and when they know they can’t move the city to action, they move themselves to action, doing the job themselves.

Currently, they’re meeting over spring break plans, pushing the city to provide extra protection downtown and on walking routes to hotels favored by the youngsters, that are four and five blocks from the bars.

They also encourage businesses to fix the sidewalks in front of their business, again, in lieu of the city doing anything about it.