New Spa Offering Killer Promotions

Get quality spa services without paying resort prices

A new spa has opened in the El Tezal neighborhood of Cabo. Located across the street from El Matate on the dirt road before the arroyo, Avanti Health and Beauty Spa is a cost-effective alternative to the fancy resort spas. Cabo residents may know Avanti as a beauty school and spa where services were offered by students at low prices so they have the opportunity to practice, but the school shut down last year and prices have been adjusted accordingly. Still, the cost is low compared to what resorts charge, and the quality is comparable to the resorts.

Avanti is owned by Cabo’s Lucrecia Aguilar, a Guatemalan transplant who has lived in Cabo since the 1980s when the road to San Jose was dirt and the population was about 14,000. Señora Aguilar has owned and operated a slew of spas between Mexico and the United States, but Avanti is her only active spa today. With a background in education, her business pursuits in the beauty world came unexpectedly after some family friends asked her to buy their business following a sudden divorce. She knew it would be work, but she was interested nonetheless and thought, “it takes a long time to plant if you want a good harvest.” So she set out to learn the secrets of the beauty world, studying in Spain, New York, Miami, California, and of course Los Cabos.

In her business pursuits, Sra. Aguilar ran into several snags. Before her husband passed, she regularly attended Rotary meetings with him. When he died, she was barred from attending the meetings despite having been a regular attendee for 15+ years at that point. She refused to accept this, though, and joined forces with other women trying to work their way in without husbands. In 1988, the club finally allowed women to join. This wasn’t the end of her struggles with the organization, though. When she made the move from California to Cabo and joined the Rotary Club here, she found that the men accepted her just fine, but their wives didn’t feel the same way-- they were continuously cruel to her. She came out on top, though, and served as the first female honcha of the Rotary Club in Baja California Sur, Sonora, and Sinaloa. Señora Aguilar felt she didn’t need a man’s arm to hold onto just because she was a woman.

Today, Lucrecia Aguilar is slowing down, and her only operating spa is Avanti. She approaches business with an open mind and believes that, to be successful, you need to be adaptable and willing to change your practices when necessary. Avanti, she says, is currently one of the only spas in Cabo to offer regular promotions and discounts. At the moment, they’re offering a three for two special on massages, where you can get three massages (any kind) for the price of two in one month. They’re also offering a deal that allows you one service per month for a year for only $50 USD total. The services offered cover the full range of Avanti’s treatments, and can be shared with immediate family members.

Avanti takes care to appear to all of the senses. The building is a bright inside and out, but there are carefully placed flowers and artwork to create a calm, clean look. They play soft music during treatment and have a light floral aroma throughout the rooms. They offer water and wine while you receive your treatment, and if you aren’t there for a massage, someone will massage you during your manicure or pedicure. Of course, you can refuse the wine or the extra massage if that’s not up your alley.

They’ve got three women on staff currently, all trained in massage therapy, facials, and nail services. The spa is currently missing a hair stylist, but hopes to get that side of things up and running as soon as possible. They accept walk-ins if they happen to be free at the time, but prefer and recommend appointments.

For more information about Avanti’s services, promotions, or to make an appointment, call them at 624-688-9586 or reach them via email at