Major Renovations Planned For La Paz Malecon

The project includes two Olympic size pools


State officials have announced their plans for a massive renovation of the La Paz malecon, and the surrounding area, which will be carried out over the next four and a half years. Malecon is Spanish for the concrete boardwalk that goes along the beach front.

malecon02.JPGThe project is slated to begin in August and the initial phase of construction, which will cost more than $8 million USD, is scheduled to be finished by this December. Work in this phase will include improvements to pedestrian areas, bike paths, sports and recreation areas, parks and new parking spaces. New signs for tourists will also be erected, along with more street lights.

The first phase covers four different sections of streets: from Calle Márquez de León to Antonio Rosales; from Calle Antonio Rosales to Calle Cabezud; from Cabezud Street to 5 de Mayo Street; and from 5 de Mayo Street to Guadalupe Victoria Street.

malecon03.JPGThe real fun begins in later stages of the malecon project, which includes building roughly 20 to 30 yards of artificial beaches. The new beach space will be used as a recreational area, containing volleyball and beach soccer courts (with seating areas) and trampolines. The main attractions in this section will be the two Olympic-size swimming pools.

“It’s an ambitious project,” allowed Jose Soto, the director of Integral Port Administration in Baja California Sur. You think?