La Paz Malecon Torn Up


Although the La Paz government has been announcing with great fanfare the remodeling of its already beautiful malecon - at a cost of nearly $10 million USD just for the first phase - the contractor began tearing up the streets on the opposite side of the ocean without any advance notice, which pissed off drivers and impacted business owners.

Lorena Hinojosa, president of the local restaurant ass., immediately demanded better communication from the government, as the work took them by surprise. Hinojosa said that all restaurants have their refrigerators and shelves stocked for an expected number of clients, which will most likely be reduced by the destruction of sidewalks. Hinojos says there needs to be a meeting with the office of urban planning and all agencies involved in the remodeling. Yes, we do have an urban planning office. It’s just that nobody pays much attention to it.

This first phase will last 4 to 5 months, ending, hopefully, in December but don’t take that promise to the bank. The final cost of the remodeling will be over $33 million and will include artificial beaches, bicycle and pedestrian paths, and recreational areas for families.

It looks like a good, although elaborate, plan. So why the opposition? La Paz residents feel there are other, more important things the city could be fixing with that $33 million. More schools, improvement of state hospitals, more and better cops, and the list goes on.