How To Brighten Christmas For Locals

The 3 Wise Guys Swing By The Barrio

3 wise guys.JPG

Gringos are kind hearted people. They like to bring Christmas cheer to the local kids, collecting presents, wrapping and delivering them. And the kids of course are glad to accept them, even if they are a bit bewildered by the delivery date and one more time, who is this fat guy in the red suit?

Mexican children get their gifts on January 6, the Day of the Kings, from the wise men.

Turns out the three wise men were late getting to the manger, something about following the wrong damn star. Or was it because they are men and real men don’t ask directions?

Whatever, they finally showed up with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh for the Christ child on January 6 so that is when Mexican children receive their gifts, here, bicycles, from three men dressed up as pretty ugly wise men. This picture shows a presentation from DIF, a Mexican family centered charity.