Horse Napped!

You know you can get yourself hanged for that, pardner

The animal loving community of Rosarito Beach is in an uproar over the recent theft of two horses. At 3:30 in the morning of February 3, two horses were swiped from their corral at the horse rescue shelter All The Pretty Horses of Baja. Private and group rides and lessons at the shelter have been suspended. Horse rustling is not an uncommon problem in Baja. Ten other horses have been stolen recently from the same general area.

It’s unlikely they ran off by themselves, as authorities believe the stolen merchandise was not smart enough to cut a hole in the fence, down the hill out of sight of the ranch house. The dogs on the property did their part, barking an alarm, but people who investigated the barking found nothing out of place and shushed the dogs and went back to bed. Bet the dogs are feeling pretty smug about their part.

By the looks of foot prints, it appears the horses were led off the property by one or two perps. Well, was it one or two? A good Indian scout would look and know. “I think it be one hombre, Kemosabe,” says Tonto solemnly. And the Lone Ranger would nod in agreement, as if he could read footprints from behind that silly mask.

The purloined ponies were two rescued mares; Calafia, a chestnut mare, 14 to15 hands high with a long tail and mane, and a white patch (blaze) down the center of her face, and Tuaka, a palomino mare, 15 hands tall. A $500 reward is being offered for their return. Alive. Not in a taco. Many hot horses are sold to slaughterhouses. All local slaughterhouses have been contacted and deny seeing the missing horses. Next to be checked will be Chinese restaurants. Hold those cards and letters, folks, that’s a joke! Geeze, we sure get a lot of Chinese food enthusiasts who don’t like our dog meat comments. Hey, if you don’t want to see news of Chinese restaurants serving dog, in print then don’t serve it. Pretty simple.

If you have any information on these baddies, or wish to be of assistance in any other way that will only be a hinderance, contact All the Pretty Horses at 661-614-0666, or Ramon: 661-130-5639. Donations made to All the Pretty Horses Rescue are US tax deductible.