Halloween in Cabo


The Halloween night celebration in Cabo San Lucas, does not involve parents walking their costume-wearing children through the various nearby neighborhood streets of their home; going door-to-door and saying that historically American traditional phrase every candy-loving kid knows by heart, "Trick or Treat," as they hold out their bags, buckets, and/or pillowcases as they strive to fill them up with as many sweets as possible.


Instead, a constant flow of moms and dads and their little muchachitos and muchahtitas (young boys and girls) converge on the downtown streets of Cabo San Lucas and go door-to-door to as many small businesses who have made this festive street party an unforgettable tradition. Instead of Trick or Treat, the thousands of happy young children of Cabo annually say "Happy Halloween" or just simply "Halloween," as they extend their bag, bucket or pillowcase; eagerly awaiting their candy.

Owner of Cabo Cantina, Don Weis, originally from the Northern California San Francisco Bay Area, has by far set the highest bar in celebrating Halloween with the Cabo San Lucas locals, as both he and his staff, along with several volunteers, hand out several pounds of candy year after a frighteningly fun year.

General Manager, Maddie Corona, has coordinated an assembly-line of several six-foot tables that begin several feet from the street-level entrance to Cabo Cantina, in which volunteers; dressed in costume, hand out candy to the hundreds upon hundreds of children that are fortunate enough to cash in on the candy giving bounty the charitable owner Don Weis, and his enthusiastic staff and volunteer friends happily gives out year after year.

Nearby Tanga Tanga Sports Bar has also been a generous candy-giving contributor that has become the downtown Cabo San Lucas Halloween spectacle. The very street along Marina Boulevard is closed to traffic on Halloween night as parents and their children enjoy the freedom of roaming along the busy thoroughfare, safely taking their children from business to business, "Trick or Treating'' or in Southern Baja California Mexico's case, "Happy Halloweening."

The downtown bars and nightclubs also enjoy the costume-wearing festivities as adult patrons and guests dress down as their favorite costumed superheroes, horror film and scary TV stars, among a litany of others.

And just like in the U.S., Mexico adjusts its winter clock to daylight savings time, in which the darkness arrives sooner and the kids can thereby enjoy their candy-hunting evening without getting home too late and missing school the next day. 

The downtown Halloween crowd size has been growing every year as more and more local citizens have become aware or have heard about what a special night downtown Cabo San Lucas Halloween has become.

"Halloween in Cabo is something else!" said Rene Cyr of Vancouver, Canada. "Definitely need some friends from Canada to come down and check it out at least once. This will be my third Halloween in Cabo and each year it's been very exciting and fun. An added bonus to the Bisbee Fishing Tournament extravaganza that goes on at the Puerto Paraiso Marina."

In 2016, Carlos Soto and his wife, Glenda Murillo, who have been living in Cabo for six years, spent Halloween at the Breathless Resort and have been having an annual costume-wearing fun fest every year at the different parties held by the various close to downtown Hotels and Resorts. This year, Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort & Spa, is having another one of their classic terrifyingly good time parties on Thursday, October 31, that features a delicious buffet, a spooky open bar, live music and a costume contest with prizes for the first three places. The cost per adult is $33 each and $16 USD for children between 6 and 11 years old.

In essence, over the past 12 years, a little and little at a time, Halloween in San Lucas, has turned into a costume-wearing Mardi Gras; a street filled fun family time, thoroughly enjoyed by local parents and their children as well as visiting guests and their families. And like many events in Los Cabos that get video recorded and shared on social media, the buzz and electric vibe is best experienced live and in person. Dressed up or not.