Fish Report

December 11, 2017

Cabo San Lucas

Reports of good action on striped marlin are coming in from the Pacific side, with multiple fish per boat being the rule. In the direction of Sea of Cortez, the billfish action was limited, with just a few single stripers and black marlin hanging around.

Cabo Climate: It’s been clear and sunny with average daytime temps at 81.8 degrees and nights at 69.8. The humidity ratio has averaged 63 percent. Overall, it has been excellent weather for fishing in all the various hot spot areas.

07.JPGSea Conditions: The Finger Bank down to the Golden Gate Bank and southerly across the Jaime Banks, and then more southerly down across the 1000 Fathom Curve, have been at 80 to 81 degrees. Cabo Falso and around to Los Frailes, out across the Herradura, the 95 Fathom Spot, the 1150 Fathom Spot, the Cabrillo Sea Mount, the Gorda Banks and on up to Los Frailes, were all at 81 to 82 degrees. Sea surface breezes were flowing from the westerly direction and averaged 7.7 mph.

Best Fishing Areas: All the "hot spots" were holding many stripers and they bit very well. Reminds us of the days when releasing 20 to 30 stripers in a single day, and having the anglers unable to catch another billfish without taking a breather in-between the catching, wasn’t uncommon. It could be like that right now if the anglers were up to it. The stripers are just everywhere and they want to bite.
Best Bait/Lure: The billfish bit the slow-trolled rigged bait best, but they were also biting well on the artificials and live bait as well.

Live Bait Supply: Is excellent right now. No problem for live bait at the $3.00 per bait rate.

Puerto Los Cabos

The most common catches were for yellowfin tuna in the 10 to 30 pound range. We only saw a handful of tuna in the 50 to 70 pound range recently; even the smaller-grade tuna were finicky much of the time. Anglers could see the yellowfin jumping out of the water and feeding freely on the chummed sardina, but they often would not readily take the bait with hooks in them.

Very clear water, boat pressure, upcoming full moon, all can be factors for this.

The Palmilla Point, Santa Maria, Los Arcos, Iman Bank all produced fish, but the larger grade of tuna were coming off the Iman and San Luis Banks.

The wahoo are being found closer, such as off Gordo Banks, Punta Gorda, Palmilla and Iman Bank, although not in any significant numbers. Anglers were fortunate to land one. Sizes ranged up to 45 pounds. With water temperatures still warm, we anticipate having more wahoo activity throughout the month. Dorado were found scattered in the same area as were the tuna and wahoo, though numbers were very limited, and most of these fish were under 10 pounds with a rare larger specimen in the mix.

As water temperatures are slowly cooling, we see more sierra showing up closer to shore, along with a few nicer fish to over five pounds and some of the more elusive Island jacks. Off the bottom structure we saw a little more production of amberjack, barred pargo, triggerfish, leopard grouper (cabrilla) and at least one nice 28 pound yellowtail was landed. Quite a few white skipjack were mixed in with the schools of yellowfin tuna and a few of the Eastern Pacific bonito.

East Cape

Warmer than usual 83-degree water greeted Rancho anglers. However, we’re in overtime and the clock is definitely ticking. Cooler days ahead, amigos.

Lots of good sardina have been biting, with virtually all gamefish being taken on live bait. All of the boats limited on dorado and tuna and most were home by noon. Those that targeted billfish were rewarded with striped marlin. All of them were taken either on the way to Los Frailes or on the way back. Caballito dropped back in the pattern worked best.

The tuna were caught just south of Los Frailes. Chummed sardina brought hungry fish to the top; mostly football-sized to a little bigger. Great for filling the cooler!

The dorado were mixed in with the tuna. It was easy to pick and choose. Lots of smaller fish were released, with the biggest being in the mid 20s.

This is always a good time to snag roosterfish. Good-sized gallo are still providing lots of sport. The lighthouse beaches and marina are offering the best action.

Even the breezy days produced fish, but all agree we are on borrowed time. Sea temps are dropping.

La Paz

In between bouts of winds, it hasn't been too bad, but not many folks are fishing. The forecasts are calling for some very strong double-digit winds.

However, for the folks who did go out, the best fishing has been from Muertos Bay where it’s a bit more protected and the fish are closer. Given the time of year and winter conditions increasing, surprisingly the fishing isn’t bad. In fact, there are still some nice dorado hanging out and some of them are larger than the ones we were getting during the regular season. There are also some billfish hanging out and scattered tuna here and there.

Besides the winds, the biggest issue is getting live bait, as the waters get colder and the waves batter the areas where we catch the schools of sardina. We’re relying on lures and dead bait like calamari which will become more prevalent as we head into winter. Still, it’s nice to get warm-water species this late in the season.

Inshore, there’s jack crevalle, small cabrilla, sierra, bonito and snapper for the light tackle folks which are always a lot of fun.

Cabo San Lucas

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