Everyone Likes Trump Stories, No?


Last summer we were reaching new heights in number of tourists, but not every project has sprung back to life. Still dead, with it’s skeletal carcass on full display ocean front just north of Rosarito,, is the luxury 526 unit Trump Ocean Resort Baja. Nearly 200 people paid a total of more than $20 million in deposits for their share of this paradise. The project at Playa Bandera was to be three 16-story towers, and was announced in 2006 as a Trump project. Ground was broken but that was as far as it got: it was hit by financial problems in the infamous troubles of 2008 and construction screeched to a halt the following year.

This was followed by the inevitable lawsuit which was filed by nearly 70 plaintiffs against Donald Trump, his adult children who work with him, and the developer. They claimed that they were deceived into believing they were buying into a Trump project, which in fact was not. At least according to The Donald, it was not.

Trump claimed that he did no more than license his name to the developer and that he was not responsible for the development, although his name appeared on all its marketing materials. That, said an attorney representing the plaintiffs, gave a sense of security to buyers who would not have invested had they known the truth.

Four years later, the plaintiffs reached a settlement with Trump.  Bart Ring and Daniel King, attorneys who represented the buyers, declined to discuss details of the settlement because of a confidentiality agreement, but did say, “The group of plaintiffs is very pleased with the outcome.”

Further, the developers themselves  agreed to pay $7.25 million to resolve their liability in the case.

 All wrapped up, sort of. The remains of the sales center still sit on the cliffs with that view to China. With the real estate market starting to boom again, expect someone to move in and start selling dreams of bargain basement oceanfront living once again. It could happen this time.