Every Day Is Art Day In San Jose

But especially Thursday

San Jose del Cabo is known for its art galleries. In recent years even more with its world famous Art Walk.  The Art Walk is a cultural event that is celebrated every Thursday from 5.00 pm to  9.00 pm in downtown San Jose, more exactly in the gallery district behind the main plaza, Plaza Mijares, and the old church.  It is officially there from November to June, but the people in San Jose and the some of the businesses in the area have made it a habit of celebrating it all year long with events like live music and even sometimes dancers. Of course in the high season these  events are bigger and more spectacular. The main street most of the galleries are on is closed to vehicles, so it’s a very relaxing stroll and there are some excellent restaurants amid the galleries.

 This art festival's first iteration dates back to 2005 and was created to introduce tourists to the gallery district. This festival has been so successful in its goal to promote the Art district that now even the high end real estate companies have offices in the area. No worries, we haven’t seen any time share snaggers there. Yet.

artsj.JPGIn the high season  there's even a little art market by local artisans in a plaza where  Morelos street meets Obregon street.  This is supported by the government to help the people in the ranchos who make handicrafts. These people come down from the hills to sell on card tables they set up. You can find everything from impressive oil works to handmade jewelry. And if you are planning to drive to the Art Walk it is useful to know that there's plenty of parking behind the town on El Centenario Avenue.

This season  of the Art Walk starts on November 8 but the galleries are there every day. On non-art walk days the best hours to go gallery hopping is from 11am to 6 pm. Sadly, no free cups of wine other days.

There are more than 20 galleries in the area. One of the biggest and most prestigious, and well organized,  is the Ida Victoria Gallery which has been here for more than 15 years. It has been recognized as one of the 10 best galleries in Mexico. Ida, who has a degree in fine art, sells about 50% to tourists who take the art back home with them and the other 50% is foreigners who own a second home in Cabo and want to decorate it tastefully with the beautiful pieces that the gallery has. The artists in this  gallery are mainly from Mexico, U.S.A and Canada. The building is a beautiful three  level house located on the summit of the art district and in every corner you can find pleasant surprises in the form of high quality works that appeal to the senses. Ida’s husband Pete is a first class framer.

We also talked with a smaller gallery owner, Cesar Gallery, who told us how some of the galleries close for the low season but not everybody can do that or wants to. So those that remain open struggle to survive until November, when the yearly flock of tourists comes back south on their yearly migration to Los Cabos to enjoy their fair share of desert, ocean and art.

'But the art offer in Los Cabos is not limited to the Art Walk. There is a group of artists called “Jardin del Arte” or “Art Garden” These  are organized local artists that exhibit their work weekly in several places around Los Cabos: On Tuesdays they are in the Plaza Mijares, on Wednesdays you can find them at Plaza Pescador in San Jose and on Saturdays there is always an exhibit at the Cabo San Lucas marina right  in front of Solomon's Landing.  The offer of art in this group is very diverse, ranging from sculpture, painting in different media, photography, leather, and more. From them you can acquire high quality pieces at great prices that will give your home or office a warm, very personal glow.

And there are many dining and entertaining options. Two are Cactus Cigar Lounge at the end of Morelos, in the El Encanto Hotel, up against Centenario St. They have saxophone entertainment four nights a week, 7 to 10, and we’re told that because it’s outside it doesn’t stink much. Across the street from that is the best burger joint in all of Southern Mexico

So give yourself and your family a treat and come by San Jose del Cabo's art district and enjoy the galleries, restaurants and bars whether it's on Thursday or any other day. It's a given you will find something interesting to do. And don't forget: Art is the reflection of our souls.