Do’s And Don’ts Of Remodels


With the advent of the New Year, it is a great time to bring in the new and get rid of the old.... especially clutter, that is the least expensive way to remodel!  Perhaps a coat of fresh paint, liven up some tired looking linens or just add a few colorful pillows.

Costs versus value should always enable a remodel project for the homeowner to recoup 100% of their initial investments.  Kitchen and bathroom remodels have always been a long safe way to improve the functionality and value of a home, but not every project is a guaranteed winner.  Make sure that your changes don’t inadvertently make the rest of the home stick out like a sore thumb rather than improving the space.

Here’s a few guideline tips:

DO consider the way your remodel will affect the rest of the home.  Keep

the architectural integrity in mind.

DO NOT overlook the importance of using a seasoned designer or architect, they will know the tricks to maximize achieving the goal.

DO look beyond the surface details, keep in mind functionality along with beauty.

DO NOT design just for today, but look to the future, keep styles and materials that will last the test of time.

DO work with what you have, it is not always necessary for complete demolition and renovation.  Only invest in major changes that are not working or are unsafe.  Upgrades may do the trick.

DO NOT over-improve the space.  You may not be able to recoup your investment from over-excessive improvements and you may “over build” for the neighborhood.

DO make sure you can afford the project, skimping on materials or design may leave you dissatisfied and may lead to a negative result.


By Wendy Knapp, Broker of Rionda & Knapp, (624) 118-1395,