Daline Jones: a Los Cabos Jazz legend


Daline Jones' singing and songwriting are the legacy of her Beat-poet father, Jazz surrealist, Ted Joans.

Ted Joans (1928–2003) was a poet, visual artist, and trumpet player. He was a Surrealist who was also associated with the Beat Generation. But, Ted was a true original, and his work defies categorization.

His artistic work was heavily influenced by jazz rhythms. A former roommate of Charlie Parker’s, Ted coined the phrase “Bird Lives!” upon Parker’s death.


He made sure Daline spent her early years listening and seeing the Jazz Greats in the clubs of their native New York City. That smart and fortunate exposure to Jazz when she was so young lead her to pursue a life in music, and now her own experience onstage makes her a relaxed professional.

One of Daline’s big strengths is her love of music and the history associated with her songs. Her father gave her the love of music in her New York City days, but she has done all of the research to know the history of her music. Someday someone will be researching the songs she has written to find her stories.

Daline has very close family ties, the oldest of six children with a single mother. She basically raised the family with her mother. The oldest child in a family usually ends up the most responsible, no exception in Daline's case. 
Daline's earliest recording sessions were for Lionel Richie and the Commodores, where she worked with the top studio session vocalists in the business. She went on to release several of her own critically acclaimed albums; achieving Billboard's "Top 20" on the Contemporary Jazz charts.

Daline worked with smooth jazz saxophonist Gerald Albright, keyboardist Lonnie Jordan of WAR, jazz guitarist Ron Eschete, keyboardist Tim Heintz, composer and trumpeter George Shaw, and pianist, producer and musical director Joe Massimino, among many others.

Daline headlined the famous Harry Denton‘s Starlight Room in San Francisco from 1995-2005, before moving to Los Cabos, Mexico where she now makes her home. I had the pleasure of hearing Daline at the “Starlight Room” a few times in the late 90s, they were terrific shows.

She's made a big impression in Mexico, performing frequently at the internationally known Zinco Jazz Club in Mexico City with her own group and also as lead vocalist with the 17-piece Zinco Big Band. Daline opened the San Miguel de Allende Jazz & Blues Festival in 2007 and 2008, and she is always asked to sing for every large festival and music event in Los Cabos.

Daline lives in Cabo full time, (but away from town, in the desert, on the ocean) in total tranquility with her husband and their cat. When she isn't gigging or recording, Daline loves teaching yoga and became certified as a professional yoga instructor in 2001. "Yoga helps my singing and singing helps my yoga."

Daline’s husband and number-one fan, Ron Weber, met in San Francisco many years ago at an old music venue called “Slims”. They were married within 10 months and have had the pleasure of each other’s company since. Daline says one of Ron’s biggest strengths is he has always supported her and her music, including many 12 p.m. venues and annual international tours.

Daline’s singing style has been called a mix of Natalie Cole and Diana Krall, with echoes of classic Ella or Sarah. Part jazz, part pop, part soul – class with sass! She was a crossover before the word was popular. Daline is racially and culturally blended and it shows in the way she sings. She swings a jazz tune, caresses a ballad and then gets down with some funk. Her good heart and soul are revealed through her music and her dazzling smile. I have always loved her music and her smile.
With other gifted musicians, the Daline Jones Group plays a hip blend of Jazz with an edge of Latin and Pop Soul. Most often, Daline works with her musical partner, the award-winning composer, Diego Ramirez (from Mexico) on piano, keyboard bass and vocals. Together Daline and Diego have worked to create a brand that now has legions of fans all over Mexico and the U.S. They have successfully toured the US together as a duo yearly since 2011. They play together, compose and write together recording more than 8 CDs in 10 years.

Joining them for some weekly Cabo performances is multi-talented Ender Lee on guitar. The trio is known as Daline & The Recyclers and they have a blast "recycling" tunes from the '50s - '90s. Additional musicians such as Diego's own brother, the extraordinary Arturo Ramirez on violin, David Cantoni on sax, join in for some events.

The dancing doesn't stop when this group is playing! They knock people out with their take on Jazz standards, Latin tunes from salsa to samba, old-school pop, rock to reggae -and light up the stage with music and energy. 

One of Daline and Diego’s best venues for over a decade was Cerritos Beach on Sunday afternoons. It was canceled with the closing of the beach restaurant last year. She is currently negotiating to restart this traditional venue at another resort on Cerritos Beach. I wish them success, it would be great to hear their music again on the beach in Cerritos. 
The Daline Jones Group is based in Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico. To see Daline’s upcoming 2020 Los Cabos, and USA music venues, keep your eyes on her website and Facebook postings.