Campaign Gives Kids Heart Surgery

Hospital H+ is raising money for a second round of operations

Through an extensive fundraising campaign, 14 children from families with limited resources received heart surgery that saved their lives. These surgeries were part of the Heart of a Child campaign that was launched last December by Hospital H+ in cahoots with the International Community Foundation (ICF). This ambitious program was a large team effort between these organizations, the doctors, specialist nurses, laboratories and medical supply companies.

The program is open to any children who need it, whether they are Mexicans or foreigners. The 14 kids who received the surgeries are now healthy and strong, but there are still others who need similar procedures.

heart surgeries.jpgThe Ayuda a Corazón de Niño, AC (Child's Heart Support) organization is the group in charge of selecting the children for the surgeries. The program helps diagnose the children, and provides surgeries for those who need one of three heart procedures: cardiovascular surgery, ablation, and catheterization. These heart conditions are detected in Baja California Sur in approximately 129 newborn babies every year, and in many older children as well. The conditions are often difficult to detect, and the only way for parents to know there is help is through the campaign.

Once the kids are selected for the program, based on financial need, they are turned over to H+ Hospital, where they are evaluated by doctors and a surgery plan is prepared. The children and their families are not charged anything for the surgery and medical care. The hospital donates their operating rooms, intensive care areas, diagnostic equipment, etc., and none of the doctors, anesthesiologists or intensive care specialists charge for their services. Normally, the costs for these procedures range from $12,500 to $ 25,000 USD.

A second Heart Of A Child campaign is currently underway, and the hospital hopes to raise $50,000 for it. To help raise these funds, Hospital H+ and ICF have started the Give + Campaign, an initiative for US donors to be able to help improve the quality of life for residents of Southern Baja. Contributions to the Give + Campaign cover all medical expenses.

Give + provides support for complex medical cases for low income households in BCS community who don't have either the financial resources or alternative healthcare options. Each case is evaluated individually. Hospital H+, ICF and other local partner organizations are working together to identify individuals from the most vulnerable communities in the region who lack access to needed medical services.

H+ Hospital provides a one-to-one match on all donations. Donations are tax deductible, and can be as little as a $1 USD. Donations can be made online at either

For more information on the hospital and the campaign, find them on Facebook as Hospital H+ and Corazon de Niño.