Cabo Critters Needs Your Help

Shelter is looking for building supplies, money

Just as humans need shelter from the summer heat and the upcoming rainy season, so do animals, and one local animal rescue is looking for supplies so it can keep its animals covered.

Cabo Critters is a shelter located just outside of Cabo. This volunteer driven rescue group is run out of the home of the organizer, Carlea Staehnke, and it’s a labor of love. When Carlea moved to Cabo, she quickly saw the dire need for animal rescue in the area. From there, Cabo Critters became her passion project, and has since saved the lives of many animals. At the shelter they vaccinate, feed, nurture, walk and play with the animals until they find someone to adopt the lucky ones.

cabo critters.jpgCabo Critters started off small and has rapidly grown, due to the many abandoned animals in Cabo. With the increasing number of animals they are taking in, Cabo Critters is looking to expand and improve their shelter. They are in immediate need of tarps and building materials, like panels for roofing, posts and 2x4s to help protect the animals from the upcoming storms, not to mention giving them some much needed shade during the summer.

Other donations needed include pet food, fans to keep the animals cool in this intense Cabo heat, and extension cords to help power those fans. They have been renting a washing machine to clean the animals’ bedding, but would like to purchase their own washing machine (and, preferably, a dryer, too.) You can also send monetary donations to them via PayPal, sending the money to The money not only helps buy supplies, but also goes toward paying rent and vet bills.

Cabo Critters is also hosting various fundraising events. Last month they started their monthly game nights at the Gato Gordo bar in downtown Cabo, with a $6 USD cover and various specials offered within the restaurant and bar. Their first game night had a small turnout, but was still a success. If you missed the first one, don’t worry. They’ll be hosting these game nights throughout the summer.

For more information on how to donate, volunteer or adopt one of the Cabo Critters, check out their Facebook page,

Wondering why are there so many of these shelters around? Well, because there is so much need, of course, since the government doesn't do a damn thing for animals, but that doesn't explain why there are so many different shelters. That has happened because so many people prefer to reinvent the wheel, running their own charity, in their own way. And, they don't do anything so terribly different, either. They just want to be captain of their own ship.