Baja Sur Youth Win World Championship


Statistics indicate that the youth residents of Baja Sur are superlative when compared to the rest of the world in the following categories. Let's be clear, there are several sources for these statistics, so they were averaged and rounded off for quick for viewing the impact.

In Baja California Sur: 

75 percent of children are overweight.

40 percent of children are clinically obese.

10 percent of children are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

The cause of these impressive numbers seems to be the result of ready access to sodas, candy, and other food-like snacks. Going along with these consumables is also the lack of regular exercise.

Interestingly, there is some local history that might have created the acceleration of these habits. Back up to the '50s when families were being brought up in communities where Sugar Cane was the main crop.

Then Mango Candy was processed and concentrated and ready plentiful. Moving right along, now the local markets make the sugar-laden items are usually always displayed at an impulsive and convenient location.

A regular exercise program might be a challenge as our climate, Desert/Tropic, is not conducive for afternoon sport like activities.

Now before all of this gets any more convoluted, be clear there is a movement that is gaining a lot of attention and support from the Pueblo of Todos Santos. It is called "Chicos Sanos."

The founder of this non-profit startup organization is a Todos Santos local resident, and a fitness enthusiast named Zack Rissman. He has been involved in the health and fitness industry for the last 32 years and is now leading this charge to educate the local youth (boys and girls), families, and businesses. This dude obviously practices and preaches the exercise thing in a big way. He has a personal air-conditioned gym that is near town and, he is in fact, a personal trainer. The mission for the Chicos Sanos Movement is to influence youth through their new and positive habits regarding food, nutrition and exercise. That would happen via Affirmation, Theatre, Music, Art Games, Dance, Magic Books, Cartoons, and Education of the Science. There are numerous processes for these educational activities.

The spirit of the movement is to have children interact with their friends, family, businesses, and the community. 

For more information and how you can contribute, assist or just be involved with logistics of this worthy cause like Social Media, all Artistic abilities or even Project Manager, please contact the Movement (612)220-6760