Ask A Mexican

November 26, 2018 Edition

Daniel Ramos, 28, builder.

Yes, I would. I did a few years ago, but it wasn’t exactly legal. I got married, and I was just about to get my papers when my wife went crazy and called the authorities on me. I would also consider going to another country like Canada, wherever the good money is. I think we all want to seek a better way of life, and maybe even make sure our kids have one. Things in our country have been getting worse very fast, we are going to end up like the caravan soon.


Martha Rosas, 42, secretary.

I don’t think I would, all of my family is here, and I have a pretty good life. I’m not saying that I don’t have needs, its just that they are not as bad as other people. Thankfully, I grew up to be a very hard-working person, and I have made a good team with my husband who provides for us. I can’t think of living somewhere where I don’t speak the language, or can not find the food I love, or even visit my friends. I understand some people go to the us looking for a better life, but I also believe anyone can make it here, if they work hard enough.


Cristina Lugo, 31, architect.

I am not sure if I would like to live in the United States, but definitely another country. I think as much as I love Mexico, there is not enough opportunities to grow here. The country has gone out of the hands of the government, and right now I don’t think there is a return point, we are not conscious of the richness of our country, and we are being catered to think exactly what we are told to. Mexicans can’t even set up their own businesses now, or it has become extremely hard.


Enrique Sol, 28, unemployed.

I have been trying to emigrate from here, many times but I have not had any luck. Mexico is not a country to live in anymore, not like this. The minimum wage is not enough to buy enough food or even have a decent living. Back when my parents were young, they bought a house each, so my mom had one and my dad did too. Eventually, my dad sold his house to build more rooms on my mom’s house. Right now, the people my age can not even buy an apartment. To buy a car, you pretty much must buy if for three times the car’s worth and sign a contract for a super long time.


Uriel Gomez, 33, waiter.

Of course, I would, and not only legally, I would go up there and marry a nice girl. It’s a country that has amazing opportunities, good jobs, good healthcare, good food, and amazing views. Mexico has never had great economy and now with the narcs doing their thing, who would want to stay? Unless things got way better here, which I doubt, and we got a bunch of pretty girls like the ones in USA, I would gladly stay.


Jaime Lopez, 41, entrepreneur.

I would, and maybe try living six months there and six months here as a break. It is very hard in Mexico to maintain a good life, have a nice car, a nice house and dress nicely. And when you achieve that, you get robbed, kidnapped or murdered. I believe in hard work, but I am very conscious of the reality of our country, and we are sinking very, very fast.