Advertising Rates | Gringo Gazette

Keeping your ad in each issue brings your cost per issue down and it keeps your message consistently in front of your target audience, giving you a consistent cash flow.

Consistentcy is more important than size. Figure out your annual budget, then divide that amount by 26, and that will tell you how much you can spend each issue. Although, you can change size with your cash flow or with the season, or with a whim, any time you want. To earn your best rate, you only have to place a little bitty anchor ad each issue. There is no charge for making changes to your ad, we’re glad to do it for you.


Column width is 2 inches with 1/8" gutter between columns. There are 5 columns across a single page. Page depth is 15” A Full Page is 75 Column Inches.

Need help? of course you do, this is complicated.

For the sourthern edition David is your rep: Cell. (624) 121-1214

For the northern edition Ollie is your rep: Cell. (646) 179-4599

Click here to see southern or northern rate sheets.