La Paz Malecón Closed to Vehicles

 La Paz Malecón Closed to Vehicles

No. Our police force won’t run with uniforms and guns!

On Sunday, July 30, residents and visitors alike are eagerly anticipating the 2nd Annual Police Race, organized by the Municipal Police agency. The event will take place along the picturesque malecón, spanning from Marquez de León street to the renowned Hotel La Concha, and then back. To ensure the safety of participants and to create an optimal racing environment, the malecón will be closed to vehicles starting from 5:30 am.

Excitement fills the air as spectators anticipate watching our dedicated policemen and policewomen take on the challenge with enthusiasm and vigor. Despite the scorching 90-degree temperature, their determination and commitment to the race will undoubtedly inspire admiration from all those cheering them on.

As the participants lace up their running shoes, the event is expected to foster a sense of community and unity, bringing together law enforcement personnel and the public in a shared spirit of camaraderie. The event not only showcases the physical prowess and dedication of our police force but also strengthens the bond between law enforcement and the community they serve.

With the 2nd Annual Police Race, the Municipal Police agency aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle while highlighting the importance of teamwork and discipline in law enforcement. The event is set to become a beloved tradition, fostering a positive relationship between the police force and the citizens they protect and serve.