Ask a Mexican

 Ask a Mexican

What do you think is considered “trashy” for Mexicans or people who live in Mexico?

Patricia Méndez, 32, telemarketer. 

I think having huge speakers with heavy buffers in your car and blasting them while driving is one of the trashiest things people do. I mean, traffic is annoying to everyone. We all enjoy music, but I am 100% sure no one needs to hear the boom from your music in their car, especially since not everyone might share your music taste. Also, people who modify their car’s exhaust so it sounds louder than it does from the manufacturer. It’s like trying to make their car sound like it has more horsepower when we all know its top speed is similar to a bike. 

Gabriela Góngora, 21, cook. 

Not respecting people’s personal space. It makes me feel like we live in an uneducated society when someone gets all up in your space at supermarkets and places where there really isn’t a crowd. In buses and such, well, they’re packed anyway. And also, men who whistle at women on the street. It’s like they’re expecting a girl to turn around and feel like giving them their number, which is borderline psychotic. 

Luis Hernández, 52, maintenance. 

I think poor driving manners are very trashy. Driving like you own the road and honking the horn for everything, not understanding there’s milliseconds after the green light comes on. The people who get so aggressive they cause accidents or flip fingers or even worse, get out of their car and try to physically fight. Also, people who don’t respect blue handicap spaces and ramps. 

Melina Torres, 34, musician. 

Adoring narco culture, listening to their music and dressing like the ultimate “narco” stereotype. It’s like aspiring to become a criminal and everything that’s wrong with our country when those people are the ones who make all the people suffer and give us a bad rep when it does not represent us at all. Also, the movies and tv series made after their stories make them seem so glamorous but they’re not. 

Arturo Blasio, 31, lawyer. 

Blasting music at the beach obnoxiously, especially when you go and sit around people who were chilling there before you, and you expect everyone to just ENJOY whatever you are listening to. Especially in beaches with certification, those are not the beaches to party at and it’s very disrespectful. Also, leaving behind trash in public spaces but especially at the beach. It’s some sort of entitlement and expecting others to clean up after you. 

Cristina Amada, 46, teacher. 

I think being rude, in general, is very trashy, yelling at people in service, believing you are better than anyone because you are better off financially, or have better looks, or drive a better car. I think what makes people “good quality” people is humbleness and the type of education you receive at home doesn’t come from school or money.