Cora Los Cabos, The Upcoming New Development

 Cora Los Cabos, The Upcoming New Development

Located within Club Campestre in San Jose del Cabo

Meet Rafael Aragonès. At first glance it becomes abundantly clear that this is a man who is comfortable in his own skin. And why not? After all, he hit 40 and stopped aging. The spry 61-year-old CEO of Grupo Habitat is in love with life. Moreover, he loves what he does which is to create and design spectacular state of the art architecture. His latest endeavor, Cora Los Cabos, located within Club Campestre, is shaping up to become yet another masterpiece in his vast collection.

Aragonès has his feet firmly planted on the ground, but when it comes to his dreams, he reaches for the sky seamlessly, no more so than now with his latest project Cora Los Cabos. “The Idea for Cora Los Cabos came to me in February of 2021. It was a beautiful premonition.” Aragones shared this with me as we stood shoulder to shoulder only a pitching wedge away from the fairway on the back nine of the signature Jack Nicklaus course that adorns Club Campestre.

Aragonès’ standards are high, his objectives clear, his sense of self is effacing and endearing. Practicing a hobby for a job is a fate few have found. But the fact remains that this cutting-edge architect has earned this blessing by working passionately and tirelessly at his craft. He is quick-witted, engaging, and immediately disarming. He remains generous to his core, and strikingly collegial for a man of his stature so steeped in knowledge about his subject. This father of two devoted sons has the pleasure of calling them co-workers. “I am so happy to be working with my sons. This has always been a dream of ours,” the proud padre effuses.

To be sure, Aragonès is a man of many dimensions with an insatiable desire to realize goals that have long lingered in the inner recesses of his mind.  As we traverse the terrain of Cora Los Cabos, Rafael reveals, “This is an amazing piece of land that I’ve had my eye on for the last eight years.” It’s easy to see why, as this majestic seascape vista of the Sea of Cortez would make a Pacific Ocean postcard turn green with envy. 

The hidden beauty of the Cora Los Cabos project is the affordability of the condominiums. The price range is between $399,000 to $658,000 USD. In total there will be 128 units when the project is completed, all of which are three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, measuring 2,200 – 3,200 square feet. Each unit has two covered parking spaces. But that’s not all. Every unit includes a terrace. Naturally, the price range varies according to the size of the gardens and terraces. For example, all penthouse units boast rooftop terraces complete with a jacuzzi that fits up to 8 people.

Location, Location, Location. Either way Cora Los Cabos resides within the grounds of the Club Campestre which is a mere 15 minutes from the Cabo San Lucas International airport. Cora Los Cabos is also conveniently located only minutes from the La Mega shopping center in San Jose del Cabo. But the best part of the deal is the private access to the beach which is a 5-minute golf cart ride from the residences.

“I’m telling you this project is so special to me. I’ve worked in this industry since I was a teenager, but I’ve never been more happy than I am here today with you gazing at the ocean and knowing that my sons are fully invested in this adventure with me. I wish everybody could feel this joy,” Aragonès shares.  

To be sure, truer words have never been spoken. Throughout his career Rafael Aragonès has always had the Midas touch. It’s good to be king.