• November 26, 2020

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Horse Saints Group of Todos Santos

BY FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ Homeless horses are being seen wandering the Todos Santos streets foraging for food and water. Traveling in a herd of four to six horses, they are struggling to survive during these harsh pandemic times, made worse by the high summer temperatures of this region. A group has created a Facebook page in […]


Helping Women and Feeding Kids Everyday

That is what The Sarahuaro Foundation does BY FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ “If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart,” says the Arabian proverb. Abhijit Naskar is one of the world’s most famous neuroscientists and a relentless advocate of global harmony and peace. He states in his New York […]


One Hurricane Changed Her Life as a Kid

Now she saves lives herself BY KATHRYN REED While safety has always been of utmost concern for first responders, during this pandemic rushing to the scene of any incident comes with a more cautionary approach to ensure no one’s health is compromised. Griselda Sotelo, commander of the Volunteer Fire Department of Pescadero, is responsible for […]

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Laguna Hills Residents Helping Neighbors in Rincon

BY CAM RENAUD Lucy and Jaime Arista receiving 30 Care Bags for distribution in El Rincon was just the neighborly thing to do. Laguna Hills is a small community along the road to the East Cape, whose residents mostly “come from away.”  El Rincon de La Playa is a nearby community of local families, many […]


Alliance to Help is Formed

BY FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ A coalition of Baja California Sur non-profit and Corganizations, along with several businesses, have formed the Baja California Sur Community Alliance (ACBCS) in response to the medical supply shortage and food crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Alliance works in coordination with the local, state and federal government. ACBCS seeks to […]