• October 21, 2020

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Ask a Mexican

Mexico is well known for its macho culture. It is even celebrated in some regions, but more people are joining the feminist movement and raising their voices to change that. These days more protests take place, more women go to the streets and the movement is getting bigger, which is causing debate among Mexicans. For […]

FeaturedCLetters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor

Hola GG Just read my latest news flash about public beach access. I’m a long-time GG reader and resident here in East Cape. I live just down the beach from the Costa Palmas/Four Seasons resort where they have a 24 hr. security guard posted to block beach access to a beautiful beach we used to […]


Calendar of Performing Arts

From October until December. Every Thursday and Friday. 8:00 p.m. Cine Club Los Cabos brings to you a new cycle of film screenings called “Film Screenings in the Merkado,” don’t miss this event that will take place until December with the necessary health measures and respecting the healthy distance. A collection of Classic Movies will be […]


Helping Women and Feeding Kids Everyday

That is what The Sarahuaro Foundation does BY FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ “If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart,” says the Arabian proverb. Abhijit Naskar is one of the world’s most famous neuroscientists and a relentless advocate of global harmony and peace. He states in his New York […]