• October 20, 2020

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Local Team Gives Court a Fresh Paint

BY KATHRYN REED A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for just about anything. One hundred and ten gallons can be transformative. That’s the case with the auditorium in Todos Santos. Thorp Minister took it upon himself to refurbish the multi-use facility on Avenida Topete, which is about a block down from Calle Benito […]


Building Baja’s Future

"When Angels Come to Town" is a story about how one couple changed the lives of hundreds of young students and was a CBS made-for-television movie that aired in 2004.


Tales From The Hood

BY EL MONDO DE CABO Junior picked me up the other day and took me to the Cabo Surf Hotel and Spa for lunch. Sure enough, it is still one of the best restaurants in Cabo and one of those businesses that are frequented more by the locals. Junior had the shrimp, which ate too […]


One Hurricane Changed Her Life as a Kid

Now she saves lives herself BY KATHRYN REED While safety has always been of utmost concern for first responders, during this pandemic rushing to the scene of any incident comes with a more cautionary approach to ensure no one’s health is compromised. Griselda Sotelo, commander of the Volunteer Fire Department of Pescadero, is responsible for […]