• October 21, 2020

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Fish Report

BY GARY GRAHAM Cabo San Lucas From back-to-back-to-back – It was NONSTOP for days for Captain Juan Lopez and Mate “Cuate,” who were fishing on Pisces 35’ Bill Collector 2. They had a great day catching this 103-pound yellowfin, a 30-pound wahoo, and four dorado. The day before, Captain Juan and friends landed a 193-pound […]


Cooking Like a Mexican

BY ALEJANDRA BORBOLLA In Mexico, there is a whole hangover culture, and it’s directly proportional to our parties. At weddings, we have a “tornaboda” which is a meal served at around two or three in the morning, to make sure you are well fed and keep on drinking or call it a night and return […]


Que Pasa?

Planet Hollywood Returns to Cabo! Not the night club and T-shirts store, but a new hotel. The location and size of the resort have not been disclosed, but construction could start in the first quarter of next year. The resort chain has 45 properties in 10 Caribbean countries with a total of 15,500 rooms, including […]