• October 29, 2020

Category : Cooking


Cooking Like a Mexican

BY ALEJANDRA BORBOLLA In Mexico, there is a whole hangover culture, and it’s directly proportional to our parties. At weddings, we have a “tornaboda” which is a meal served at around two or three in the morning, to make sure you are well fed and keep on drinking or call it a night and return […]


Cooking Like a Mexican

BY ALEJANDRA BORBOLLA Mole is a recipe that I’ve been asked for a lot since I inherited this column from my mother. I was a little unsure as mole is a recipe that varies from one family to another, but I found and tried this one and decided I am brave enough to share it […]


Cooking Like a Mexican

Coconut Shrimp BY ALE BORBOLLA Knowing we are all quarantined, a little virtual travel wouldn’t be bad at all, right? Campeche is a state often overlooked by tourists and is one of the richest in the country in food, culture, and landscapes. Campeche is one of the three entities that make up the Yucatan peninsula. […]