What Running Your DNA Can Do For You

The short answer: Plenty

Spa Cielo has for all of its 12 years in San Jose, been forward thinking in cutting edge preservation of youth and good looks.

But now owner/manager Cathy Dammann is branching into the use of recent developments in DNA technology to guide us into being as healthy and feeling as good as she has made us look.

She can guide you into how to run your DNA, and the doctor who heads her program, Dr. Joseph Dib, reviews your entire DNA report with you, interpreting it for you so you know what you’ve got cooking in your genes.

But the value in knowing your DNA is, oftentimes the doctor can get into a gene that has run amuck compensate for it.

It is a little scary to peek into the future and see your potentially gravely ill self, but wouldn’t it be worth that fright if it can be fixed? Or even if it can’t be fixed today, to know that technology is coming at us so fast, that it will probably be fixable in a few years, and that you will watch for that development?

You owe it to yourself to run your DNA now. Your future self, and your loved ones, will thank you.

Call Cathy Dammann at Spa Cielo in San Jose. 624 105 2209. Go to www.spa-cielo-cabo.com