We Have A Would Class University

Who knew? Well, we didn’t

CETYS University, based in Northwest Mexico, is one of only five universities in all of Mexico that is internationally accredited.  Here in Baja, there are three campuses (Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada) serving over 7,500 students. The student body consists primarily of traditional students 18 to 22 year old individuals seeking MBA’s and executive MBA degrees.

This university encourages the entrepreneurial spirit, as opposed to simply providing the tools to fill job vacancies in established markets.

CETYS was established in 1961 by visionary community and business leaders who came together in the late 1950’s, having realized the necessity of stemming the flow of young people who were migrating to other parts of Mexico, seeking higher education and opportunities. These civic leaders knew that in order to develop northern Baja effectively, these ambitious young locals would need to be provided the opportunities right here to develop their skills and knowledge, so they could contribute to our community.

To understand why CETYS excels in the world of education, it is important to understand that its vision is to develop individuals who are not only well-trained in their fields, but who also are responsible to the global community.

     Graduate programs focus on business administration, engineering, psychology, corporate and international law and criminology. Undergraduate programs include international business administration, business management, accounting, marketing, six specialized engineering programs, (including industrial, mechanical, mechatronics, software, computer and renewable energy), psychology and law. High school programs provide training in engineering, social sciences/ humanities and business/management.

A person applying for any teaching position at CETYS is now required to have a PHD, and must be bilingual as well. The reason for this is alumni are now present in over 30 countries worldwide, and 93% of graduates find employment in global communities in their chosen field within one year of graduation.

However, the dark side to all this education and a possible reason so many graduates are working abroad, is the miserable salaries these highly educated people earn here in Mexico. A mechanical engineer will typically earn $1000 U.S. a month before taxes. This causes many graduates to not even work in their field. STEM graduates, (science, technology, engineering and math), the highly sought and highly paid in the U.S., starting at five times that. Even in Mexico, a family cannot live on $1000 a month. Mexico is currently crying for more engineers but Mexican industry is not willing to pay for them because they only win contracts by undercutting wages in the U.S. Furthermore, the education provided by CETYS allows graduates to pursue careers in their chosen fields almost anywhere in the world. So why stay here?

To cultivate this atmosphere of internationalization, CETYS provides mobility programs, exchanges, double degrees, short-term introductory stays featuring language studies, academic and cultural visits, etc. A primary institutional goal is to develop, by the year 2020, a graduating class of which at least 50% of the students have achieved international experience.

The campus at Ensenada physically exemplifies its lofty goals: It is nestled in the hills above the city, providing a panoramic and breathtaking view of the bay. It is very transparent; for instance, its library is open to the public use.

Accreditation allows U.S. students to use financial aid to study at CETYS. Over 200 students are currently taking advantage of this opportunity, living in San Diego and commuting to the Tijuana campus daily, in pursuit of an internationally recognized educational program.

Visit the campus in Ensenada for a personal view of a world-class university that has the best interests in mind not only for its students, but also for the international community at large.

Google CETYS for an introductory tour.