We Have A Senior Center

And of course, these seniors need help

On most days between 90 and 150 old timers go to the Los Cabos Senior Center, which is called Casa De Abuelos San Miguel. That translates to San Miguel’s grandparents’ home.

There, for a little while at least, they soak up a little friendship, camaraderie, and a warm meal. For some of these folks, it’s the only hot meal of the day, as many have no family, no money and live in the poorest of poverty.

Although short staffed and always short of money, the center has been able to provide these seniors with oatmeal in the morning and a warm healthy lunch in the afternoon. But they need help to continue to feed them.

The center is run by a Gringo named Robby Zolezzi, who also volunteers at the Cabo San Lucas Humane Society.  Volunteering seems to be his full time job, and he is good at shaking the money tree for his charges, both human and otherwise.

Robby does all this as a labor of love, so 100% of every penny raised goes to purchasing food and maintaining infrastructure.

If you can find it in your heart and your wallet to help out, here’s how:

If you are a Kanuck, you can make a tax deductible donation through the Monarca Foundation - Please specify "Senior Center" www.monarcafoundation.ca/donate.html

Or you can donate directly to their Go Fund Me page at www.gofundme.com/eobscs.

Or contact Robbie directly to talk about other options - Zolezzi@gmail.com  408 394-8100 US and 624 143-4724 Mexico. But be aware that Robbie’s going to invite you out to the center and draft you into service. Seriously, he welcomes anyone who wants to go out to the barrio and check out the facility. It is not depressing, it is heart warming, and you will be glad you did.

It’s here that Robby wants to stick in his mantra: “Thank you for helping change the world one day, one meal at a time!”.