We Have A Hyperbaric Chamber In San Jose!

NFL athletes, the entire Cubbies team, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods, and Lance Armstrong all use it to gain an optimum health advantage. Why not you?

A hyperbaric chamber is a cocoon-like apparatus that you crawl into and get comfy cozy for an hour or two. Under pressure, it cranks up the oxygen concentration in the chamber, and pushes that concentrated oxygen throughout your body. This concentrated oxygen, (100% oxygen), goes into any organs that may need a little pick me up, and even into your brain. The normal concentration of oxygen in your system is only about 20%.

The director of Spa Cielo, Cathy Dammann, a registered nurse back in the real world, allows this very expensive piece of equipment to be used by local autistic children for no charge, as hyperbaric concentration of oxygen has been proven to be very beneficial for these kids. She has pictures of brain scans before and after treatment that shows parts of the brain actually normalizing, and more than that, the improvement in these kids’ behavior is dramatic. So why can’t we get plenty of benefit from it as well? We can.

The increased concentration of oxygen in our blood, our organs, and our brain has been proven to result in better health, better feeling of well-being and probably better longevity.

So, if you would like a complimentary session in the hyperbaric chamber, call Cathy Dammann at Spa Cielo in San Jose. 624 105 2209. Go to www.spa-cielo-cabo.com.