We’re Going Back To 911

Now that you’ve got the hang of dialing  066 when you need emergency services, delete that from your phone. We’re switching over to using 911 just like we’re used to in Canada and the United States.

The entire country is in the process of switching over and January 9 it’s our state’s turn. Right now they’re training 28 operators in the fields of “operator attitude, general structure of the call, voice management workshop, psychological help, protocols of low, medium and high impact, first aid, and civil protection. Hmmm.....we’re not seeing any reference to English lessons, so good luck with Spanish.

But they have announced that the purpose of this training is to teach how to provide “a warm, efficient and professional service”

Also, this new equipment will be able to more easily detect and trace joke calls. Currently, the over whelming majority of calls are bogus.