Todos Santos Music Festival

New organizers, but still hosted in the Pueblo Magico

The start of the new year will be enhanced by the all new Todos Santos Music Festival January 12 through the 22nd . This one is billed as The Tropic of Cancer Concert Series and it will feature a somewhat flexible line up. Make that fluid. Make that not so organized at this point.

This concert is taking the place of the traditional Todos Santos annual concert that all went into the crapper when the front man for it, as well as the money man, got up on stage last year, and no doubt in an altered state, hurled obscenities at government officials who were in the audience at the time. He at least had the good sense to flee the country, and has not been seen in Mexico since. So, now we have this new concer.

Todos Santos is designated a Puebla Magico by the government. Magic town. There are nearly a hundred of these scattered around the country and the program is a ploy for drumming up tourism. Nevertheless, Todos Santos, just an hour’s drive north of Cabo, is a pretty cool town with its old timey and traditional culture, and is well worth the drive any time.

The positioning statement for the festival is “Love, theory, thought, practice, prayer, art, and health". Uh oh. A touchy feely concert, looks like.

Host band is the local Cordovas, and there are no less than 19 other bands lined up to perform, are all from Mexico. The various venues are all in the Puebla of Todos Santos and are promised to be presented in a very unique and intimate format. The concerts are spread over two consecutive weekends in a schedule that allows for several bands occurring back to back during the same day, and even sometimes at a couple of different locations. When there is more than one location on the same date, they are within easy walking distance. All of the locations are all clubs with the conveniences of restaurant, bar, and the requisite clean bathrooms. With five locations in Todos Santos, a Puebla of this size with friendly people makes finding each location a breeze. Just ask anybody.

 If you have never been to Todos Santos, this is a good introduction, as you will experience so many locations you might pass up otherwise.

 The finale will be the last Sunday late afternoon with a street party on a block set up as an open soirée. For the complete schedule check out the website Be aware that to even get the price of a ticket, let alone buy one, you must register and give up personal information. We declined, so sorry, we have no information on pricing.